Offshore and pirate radio

Roger quit city desk to join pop pirates

5 April 2024

Meet Roger Day of Swinging Radio England

Find a face for the Caroline Fink

14 August 2022

Enter this fabulous Radio Caroline competition (closing date: 1966)

The day the music died

14 August 2021

Remembering the end of Big L

Boarders repelled – says Caroline

27 January 2021

Radio Caroline’s first brush with the law a little over a month after it launched

Pirate radio station run by schoolboys

25 December 2020

We didn’t do it! But we wish we had…

Pirate radios: the storm is about to break

2 April 2018

A look at the offshore stations around the UK at their peak in 1966

Testing, testing, 3, 5, 5

17 September 2015

Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio – two ‘forgotten’ pop pirates.

Kenny the kidder

3 September 2015

Probably the greatest maker of radio Britain ever created… especially when the devil got into him

On the Run

1 August 2008

The story of London’s clandestine radio stations (1973)

Free Radio: 40+ years on

2 September 2007

What happened to ‘Free Radio’?

The politics of offshore radio

9 April 2007

How offshore radio shaped modern British political life

Dropping anchor

15 August 2001

Starting out changing the broadcasting world

Offshore infrastructure

15 August 2001

The challenge of broadcasting from the sea

Famous Faces

15 August 2001

Station stars sailing the seven seas

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