Dave to the rescue? 

22 January 2009 tbs.pm/1007

BBC and Channel 4 in talks to buy Virgin Media’s UKTV stake

If the BBC and Channel 4 can join forces to purchase Virgin Media’s UKTV stake, then this not only solves some of the “keeping Channel 4 alive” problem but does so without recourse to something more drastic as well as fitting in with Culture Secretary Andy Burnham’s intention of supporting Channel 4 somehow indirectly via commercial assets.

At this point I’m struggling to think of any downside whatsoever to the deal; Channel 4 gets a long term revenue stream plus a potential new media outlet, the BBC loses nothing that it hasn’t already got, Virgin Media gets some instant cash, Ofcom (and I suspect Culture Secretary Andy Burnham) is happy, and there are no obvious monopoly concerns.

What is there not to like about this?

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