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Spurned advances

Published 3 August 2010

If you were wondering what Virgin Media’s stance on Project Canvas development was going to be, then wonder no more, but Virgin Media’s objections are in the final analysis both…


Published 18 June 2010

The announcement that BSkyB is withdrawing its Sky Sports News channel from Freeview may not be that unexpected but it does raise some interesting unanswered questions in relation to Sky’s…

Virgin’s territory

Published 4 June 2010

Virgin Media has finally completed a long-expected deal to sell its TV channels (Bravo, Bravo 2, Challenge, Challenge Jackpot, Living, Livingit, Virgin 1) to BSkyB for £160m, and in exchange…

Canvas clearance

Published 19 May 2010

Yes it’s true: Project Canvas has just been given the go-ahead by the Office of Fair Trading, so in theory this long-awaited means of providing a quick and convenient means…

Not a time for favours

Published 8 February 2010

BSkyB agrees to cut ITV stake In recent weeks it has been obvious that the “love affair” between politicians and BSkyB – at least in public – has started to…

Take the money and run

Published 29 May 2009

BSkyB tables £160m bid for Virgin Media channels, reports say Whilst many broadcasters are still bitterly complaining about an advertising downturn (ITV’s short term Britain’s Got Talent/football windfall notwithstanding), BSkyB…

Will anyone save Channel 4?

Published 25 February 2009

MPs’ report expected to question BBC and Channel 4 linkup Over recent months, around 90% of the media-related ministerial report ‘leaks’ have been ‘surprisingly’ accurate, so we can assume that…

Dave to the rescue?

Published 22 January 2009

BBC and Channel 4 in talks to buy Virgin Media’s UKTV stake If the BBC and Channel 4 can join forces to purchase Virgin Media’s UKTV stake, then this not…

The final whistle?

Published 8 September 2008

Setanta desperately needs more home wins From recent events it seems fairly obvious that Irish broadcaster Setanta is privately starting to panic as to the viability of its pay-TV subscription…

ITV’s revenge?

Published 2 May 2008

Digital Spy: ITV HD to be Freesat exclusive? This could be a potentially interesting twist to the low-key feud between ITV plc and BSkyB, which is attributed to BSkyB blocking…

High Noon at the TV Corral

Published 1 April 2007

Murdoch vs Branson

BSkyB vs Virgin: The Wider Implications

Published 1 April 2007

What will be the outcome of the BSkyB – Virgin Media bun-fight?

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