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Dear America: this is not the BBC

Published 13 August 2013

BLOG: This is supposed to represent the BBC?

Frosty reception

Published 15 November 2011

BLOG: The Frozen Planet ‘scandal’

Asset appeasement

Published 8 December 2009

Government urges BBC to consider Worldwide sell-off HM Government: Operational Efficiency Programme: Asset Portfolio (PDF file) So what on earth is BBC Worldwide doing in a document with unlikely bedfellows…

Primeval returns

Published 29 September 2009

Well if this is not a sad sight for ITV I don’t know what is. For the good news is that Primeval will return (good if you like Primeval anyway!) in a deal with UKTV which will see the programme air on Watch afterwards, and BBC Worldwide become the largest co-production partner.

You can’t have it both ways

Published 7 April 2009

Media companies back MPs on BBC Worldwide curbs Well of course other commercial media companies would back calls for BBC Worldwide’s commercial activities to be reined in, since to claim…

Piling on the pressure

Published 1 April 2009

Channel Five boss claims government sees logic of merger with Channel 4 It seems that Dawn Airey and RTL have spotted a gap in the broadcasting wilderness and are desperately…

Will anyone save Channel 4?

Published 25 February 2009

MPs’ report expected to question BBC and Channel 4 linkup Over recent months, around 90% of the media-related ministerial report ‘leaks’ have been ‘surprisingly’ accurate, so we can assume that…

Marsupial murder

Published 4 February 2009

Project Kangaroo: 50 jobs to go as broadcasters rule out appeal Project Kangaroo blocked by Competition Commission So it seems that the ‘olive branch’ created by Project Kangaroo, namely a…

Dave to the rescue?

Published 22 January 2009

BBC and Channel 4 in talks to buy Virgin Media’s UKTV stake If the BBC and Channel 4 can join forces to purchase Virgin Media’s UKTV stake, then this not…

Something not for nothing

Published 22 December 2008

Channel 4’s targeting of BBC Worldwide assets is bold and, potentially, brilliant The assertion that Channel 4 is attempting to do something that “is bold and, potentially, brilliant” may be…

Back-door privatization?

Published 8 April 2008

Selling off bits of Beeb

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