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6 December 2008 tbs.pm/987

BBC Trust: Survey of BBC services aimed at 13-34 year-olds

If you have a spare moment or two today, the BBC Trust are actively seeking views from members of the general public in relation to services primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults such as Radio 1, BBC Three, and Switch. There’s a separate online form for each service, so just choose the service(s) that you are familiar with.

Be honest when completing the survey: don’t pretend you’re 14 when you’re actually 40, and try to be constructive as much as possible. Personally I think that Radio 1 is doing a pretty good job, although BBC Three by comparison is suffering from a lack of budget (a situation which is going to get worse) and could theoretically be combined with the CBBC Channel.

The consultation period ends on December 16, so you have over a week left to let the Trust know your opinions. And next time you feel that there’s too many repeats on BBC Three, at least you will have had the satisfaction of complaining about them.

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