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Undermining BBC trust

Published 9 September 2013

BLOG: Looking deeper into the BBC Trust

Obligatory showing of teeth

Published 23 January 2012

BLOG: Local radio is almost saved

Redefining Auntie

Published 6 October 2011

BLOG: Delivering Quality First is coming

Best defence

Published 17 May 2011

Having people like Sir David Attenborough and Prof Brian Cox defending the BBC in front of a Lords communications select committee is worth much more than a thousand “Delivering public…

Managing management

Published 4 May 2011

As the new chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten has wasted no time in signalling his future intentions, thereby abruptly drawing to a close an allegedly soft-touch Sir Michael…

Open to scrutiny

Published 4 April 2011

Ever since the last administration reclassified the UK TV licence fee as a tax (as opposed to a service charge) in 2006, there has been a theoretical danger that the…

Local letdown

Published 11 March 2011

It’s hard to know exactly what BBC management are thinking with their latest money-saving proposal to be made public, namely to replace some local radio broadcasts with a simulcast of…

Who not to trust

Published 14 December 2010

The BBC Trust has predictably had a rough ride since its inception, especially as it was initially created through political expediency as opposed to a natural requirement for change, therefore…

Cutting remarks

Published 20 October 2010

Given the pro-BBC lobby’s near-meltdown at the merest thought of yesterday’s licence fee settlement (not only frozen but with additional expenditure tacked on as well), it’s rather perplexing to still…

Frozen asset

Published 19 October 2010

It’s true that the BBC has now managed to secure licence fee funding for another six years, but only the most pessimistic would have thought anything otherwise under the circumstances;…

Frozen in time

Published 16 September 2010

Perhaps a very predictable thing to happen to the TV licence fee given recent events, but the decision to freeze the fee until at least 2013 further highlights ongoing weaknesses…

Keeping the distinction

Published 5 July 2010

The announcement that BBC Radio 6 Music has been saved from closure may have dominated today’s media news, but that’s not the only thing that the BBC Trust has been…

Reversing strategy

Published 4 July 2010

Since the recently proposed BBC cutbacks (6 Music/Asian Network closures and website downscaling) were originally leaked to The Times newspaper ahead of publication, it’s unsurprising to learn of another ‘leak’…

Breaking the spell

Published 24 June 2010

Whilst waiting to discover its eventual fate, the BBC Trust has to at least appear ‘useful’ as a regulator of the BBC, therefore it’s no surprise to learn that the…

Over there, not here

Published 6 April 2010

Whilst the BBC Trust is trying to appear useful by blocking the UK launch of dedicated iPhone (and iPad) applications for various BBC services, BBC Worldwide has gone ahead and…

Marketing defeat

Published 10 March 2010

Pop Justice: Another quick thing about BBC radio then we’ll be quiet BBC chief: 6 Music listeners ‘at heart of commercial radio demographic’ Steve Lamacq attacks ‘public flogging’ of 6…

Most people like the BBC as it is

Published 3 March 2010

Although the article leads on a poll result that suggest that the majority of the UK population are “broadly in favour” of the proposed BBC cuts, a new poll published…

Beating the retreat

Published 2 March 2010

BBC to cut £100m from overhead costs and axe digital stations BBC Strategy Review document (PDF file) When proposing something as major as the closure of public services like radio…

There’s an app for that

Published 18 February 2010

Paid Content: UK Newspapers Want BBC Mobile Apps Blocked For ‘Undermining’ Them, BBC Disagrees I have a message for anyone within the BBC who is considering whether or not to…

Strictly off limits?

Published 22 September 2009

BBC’s Sir Michael Lyons weighs into row over Strictly scheduling clash It seems very obvious at this point in time that the BBC Trust has to at least look as…

Surplus to requirements

Published 17 September 2009

Ben Bradshaw and Sir Michael Lyons clash over BBC licence fee It’s no wonder that the BBC Trust has turned into little more than a ‘cheerleader’ for the BBC when…

Off the rails

Published 3 July 2009

ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart calls for ‘Beeching’ inquiry into BBC Weirdly misappropriate-yet-somehow-highly-appropriate analogy of the month: TV presenter demands inquiry that results in major cutbacks based on short-term desires which…

Thompson’s last dance?

Published 15 December 2008

Strictly Come Dancing voting fiasco sparks 200 complaints Although the BBC has promised to carry over all phone votes on this occasion so avoiding any direct accusations of fraud, the…

Have your say

Published 6 December 2008

BBC Trust: Survey of BBC services aimed at 13-34 year-olds If you have a spare moment or two today, the BBC Trust are actively seeking views from members of the…

Command failure

Published 7 November 2008

Radio 2’s Dave Barber resigns ahead of on-air apology for Brand-Ross calls Apologies in advance for mentioning the ‘S’ word again, but I’ll try to keep it relatively brief this…

Desperate measures

Published 3 November 2008

Lyons may regret speaking out as regional publishers call in lawyers Newspaper Society Press Release Based on a comment made by Sir Michael Lyons that slightly hinted that he might…

Suspension of judgement?

Published 30 October 2008

By suspending Ross and Brand, BBC boss Mark Thompson reveals himself a coward No matter what Mark Thompson and other BBC executives say or do from now onwards in relation…

The wrong message

Published 28 October 2008

Gordon Brown criticises Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’s BBC phone prank The transcript of what was said What started out as a “schoolboy prank” (except of course neither participants are…

Scared of popularity

Published 29 May 2008

BBC Trust to scrutinise ‘distinctiveness’ of BBC’s digital ambitions This is a tricky issue which may never be resolved to the true satisfaction of the BBC’s commercial competitors, namely in…

Nothing Better Than Something

Published 1 January 2005

Richard Elen finds the Green Paper less dangerous than the DG

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