Articles by James Barrington

In Memoriam: Tim Russert

Published 22 June 2008

Tim Russert of NBC remembered

Redefining Regional TV – American Style

Published 11 May 2008

US experience proves ITV wrong

Goodbye Entertainment

Published 1 July 2007

Hitting out at Reality TV

City Talk

Published 9 April 2007

James Barrington remembers Liverpool’s Radio City

30 Years Ago Today

Published 1 February 2007

How has British TV changed after three decades?

The showman naturalist

Published 24 September 2006

A profile of Steve Irwin

When news is a goldmine

Published 25 June 2006

The media can rally a nation – but how far will they go for an exclusive?

Mr TV Sport

Published 3 June 2006

Profile of Kerry Packer, 1937-2005

Switching Signals

Published 31 March 2006

Imagine switching on the TV and finding that two major channels had swapped names. It happened in 1980s Australia…

Let the good times roll

Published 2 January 2006

Australian commercial TV at fifty

Missing the river

Published 3 September 2005

The loss of Thames damages ITV

Identity crisis

Published 24 May 2004

At Independent Television

Say hello, wave goodbye

Published 1 February 2003

James Barrington is shocked at the end of LWT

Major Merger

Published 1 June 2002

James Barrington rues a single English ITV

Northern Exposure

Published 1 February 2002

James Barrington relives northern ITV


Published 1 January 2002

Leave well enough alone, cautions James Barrington

Missing the river

Published 1 September 2001

James Barrington on the harm done to ITV by the loss of Thames

Come Back Lew

Published 1 September 2001

James Barrington on the golden age of ITV

Paying for Australia

Published 14 June 2001

Subscription TV down under

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