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1 January 2003

And now we reach the latest chapter of this horrifying mess, bring us into the year 2003.

Our hero and his band of renown are now searching for the fabled lost city of gold, Eldorado. Wait.

Our hero and his band of renown are now searching for the fabled secret source of power in Independent Television, with recourse to the odd – pun intended – merger along the way.

Since this is the current chapter, it will continue to grow, so check back often (though no more than once a month is required as a rule as I have better things to do. The wallpaper needs spaying and I’ve got to take the spare room to the vets).

Please note that there isn’t an April edition. Well, there is, but it’s called “the May edition”. As is the May edition. And the June, July and August editions are called the September edition for convenience (ours).

Be prepared for a rollercoaster as we take you up hill and down dale of Independent Television in our quest to find the secret power behind ITV. We already know who it is, and why, because that chapter was written first and withheld under a court order. If you want to guess, email us and we’ll pretend we haven’t received it due to a spelling error.

It may seem that the writers of this, as assistants to the great Capt’n, were drunk when actually putting pen to paper.

In reality, they were always sober – though the Editor was usually pissed out of his head when it came to actually passing it for publication.

Yours faithfully, etc.

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