The Brownlegg Files: What on earth? 

31 May 2002

Having spent quality time for a year in the company of Captain T M Brownlegg RN (Ret’d)’s thoughts, it became necessary for the good Captain to expand.

Whilst his being terminally-challenged had been awkward for him but funny in print in ‘At Large’, it was inconvenient for the purposes of the next chapter, ‘Files’. So he miraculously came back to life a second time by not having died in the first place.

This doesn’t worry us, so it shouldn’t worry you.

Having reclaimed Adastral House/Television House/St Catherine’s House/whatever from the incumbents (ExxonMobil) by explaining to them about the burning Bush saying he could have it and them oddly agreeing, he moves in.

This is where the fun starts, as the Captain and his retinue of weirdoes – also known as “television executives” in the jargon of the trade – restart the defunct broadcaster with an aim of bringing ITV Digital down. Mission accomplished, then.

To ease us into the next chapter of this farrago, for those of you foolish enough to still be reading, we start by presenting a little documentary explaining the workings of this new station.

It also explains an awful lot about where ITV programme decisions come from, too, but you need to read between the lines. Here, borrow our magnifying glass (of Scotch, I believe).

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