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Wednesday 9 September 1964 on Southern

9 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Wednesday 9 September 1964

Tuesday 8 September 1964 on Southern

8 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Tuesday 8 September 1964

Monday 7 September 1964 on Southern

7 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Monday 7 September 1964

1964 and all that

6 September 2018

A personal look back at 1964 from David Heathcote

The Big L Club

6 September 2018

The latest news from the Wonderful Radio London Big L Club

Sunday 6 September 1964 on Southern

6 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Sunday 6 September 1964

1964 adverts

6 September 2018

Take a trip back to how capitalism worked in 1964

A week in September 1964 on Southern

5 September 2018

An introduction to our analysis of a week on Southern Television in our new subsite Zenith

So You Want to Work in Television…

4 September 2018

Thames provides a quick guide to what they can do for trainees wanting to enter television in 1977


31 August 2018

Tony Hancock’s new series for ATV premieres in 1963

That was the decade that was

28 August 2018

James Green of the London Evening News looks back at a decade (and slightly more) of Rediffusion and ITV in 1967

The girl with a good case to state

24 August 2018

TVTimes talks to Janice Willett, producer of ABC’s State Your Case, in 1957

This is Thames

21 August 2018

A 1979 promotional leaflet gives us a glimpse inside Thames Television’s plans for the 1980s

Val Parnell – Paladin of the Palladium

17 August 2018

TVTimes interviews the man behind Sunday Night at the London Palladium in 1956

A goggle of graphics

14 August 2018

An exhibition celebrates Rediffusion’s graphic designers in December 1966

Call of the kitchen

10 August 2018

The TVTimes talks to ABC’s Philip Harben about cookery in 1964

Making children’s programmes

31 July 2018

Inside ITV’s biggest children’s department in 1977

Thames on the cover of the TVTimes

31 July 2018

The programming powerhouse of Thames, as seen on the covers of the TVTimes

Thames in the ITA and IBA yearbooks

31 July 2018

How Thames presented itself in every ITA/IBA yearbook from 1969 until 1988

Talk of Thames

30 July 2018

Celebrating 50 years of London’s Weekday ITV: Thames – a talent for television

A Closer View

30 July 2018

Behind the scenes at Thames in 1982

Company on the move

30 July 2018

In-depth into Thames Television in 1977

Tonight’s Rediffusion, London… in 1968

29 July 2018

A look at what was on Rediffusion in London on Monday 29 July 1968

Inside ABC’s last day

28 July 2018

The ABC Midlands and North presentation schedule for 28 July 1968

Tonight’s ATV London… in 1968

28 July 2018

A look at what was on ATV in London on Sunday 28 July 1968

Tonight’s ABC Weekend TV… in 1968

28 July 2018

A look at what was on ABC in the North on Sunday 28 July 1968

Tonight’s ABC Weekend TV… in 1968

27 July 2018

A look at what was on ABC in the North on Saturday 27 July 1968

Ready, Steady, Goes

24 July 2018

Celebrating the life of Ready, Steady, Go! as it finishes at the end of 1966

Wired-up for service

17 July 2018

Electrical maintenance: the beating heart of Television House and Wembley

Back in time for TV: 4-8 June 1968

14 July 2018

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 4-8 June 1968 for a look at what was on the telly

Sunday success story

13 July 2018

ABC producer Penry Jones in 1964 on why religious programmes on ITV are popular

Coke’s tour

10 July 2018

Cyril Coke remembers filming abroad for series two of The Rat Catchers in 1966

Come on – let yourself go

7 July 2018

Introducing the bizarre world of Granada TV’s ‘Nice Time’ in 1968

Girl behind the news

6 July 2018

Meet the woman who sells dresses by day and reads the local ATV news by night in 1956

The serious side of comedy

3 July 2018

Harry H Corbett talks deeply about his comedy series Mr Aitch in 1967

King of the talent seekers

29 June 2018

The story of Hughie Green, as told by the TVTimes in 1964

Double Your Money in Moscow

27 June 2018

Rediffusion takes Double Your Money on the road… to Moscow in 1966

The Magical World of the Andersons

23 June 2018

A 1966 profile of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their latest work of art: Thunderbirds

Where were Elton and Miss Piggy when the lights went out?

22 June 2018

Elton John gives an interview to TVTimes to coincide with his appearance on The Muppet Show in 1977

The Rediffusion dictionary of TV English

20 June 2018

A humorous look at potential Rediffusion slang from 1967

Fool House!

15 June 2018

Norman Hudis introduces his new ABC sitcom, Our House, in 1960

Computer suite – no admittance

13 June 2018

It’s all go as the advertising department at Rediffusion installs a computer in 1966

John Thaw

9 June 2018

A profile of the star of ABC’s ‘Redcap’ in 1966

On the dot with that spot

8 June 2018

Routine sheets get the ads to the viewer with split-second timing in 1957

How TV Commercials get made

5 June 2018

Rediffusion’s advertising agency on what makes good and bad television ads in 1965

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