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Ready, Steady, Go runs into imaginative paralysis

29 January 2023

Kids these days, growls Milton Shulman as he refuses to give them their ball back

Behind the Screens with some of TV’s more familiar faces

25 January 2023

The people behind your favourite programmes – and the people in front of them

What will the ad spots be like?

18 January 2023

TV Mirror in 1955 looks at how this new television advertising thing will work

In a TV year That Never Was these were my worst programmes

13 January 2023

Milton Shulman picks his way through the viewing offerings of 1965

Harlech: Accepting the challenge

11 January 2023

Our microsite on the first year of Harlech Television

The Human Jungle

1 January 2023

The press pack for a new drama series on ABC Weekend: The Human Jungle

Emergency – Ward 10

25 December 2022

Our Christmas present to you: celebrate 500 episodes of the medical drama with our new microsite

Richard Dimbleby – Broadcaster

22 December 2022

Richard Dimbleby by his friends and colleagues – over on our new microsite

Ursula Howells

20 December 2022

Meet actress Ursula Howells

Shirley Abicair

13 December 2022

Meet Centre Show star Shirley Abicair

The making of the Muppets

7 December 2022

Inside ATV’s international hit variety show

Sally Barnes

6 December 2022

Meet Face the Music star Sally Barnes

Reg Dixon

29 November 2022

Meet farmer and variety star Reg Dixon

AFN Europe program schedule 7-13 May 1967

23 November 2022

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

Joan Turner

22 November 2022

Meet comedienne Joan Turner

Target: Production Efficiency

16 November 2022

Rediffusion’s programme board means business

AFN Europe program schedule 23-29 April 1967

16 November 2022

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

Joan Regan

15 November 2022

Meet Irish singer Joan Regan

Glyn Daniel

15 November 2022

Meet Dr Glyn Daniel, star of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?

AFN Europe program schedule 16-22 April 1967

26 October 2022

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

George Martin

25 October 2022

Meet comedian George Martin

Eve Boswell

18 October 2022

Meet Hungarian singer and dancer Eve Boswell

AFN Europe program schedule 2-8 April 1967

12 October 2022

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

Donald Gray

11 October 2022

Meet the radio voice who easily transferred to television

David Nixon

4 October 2022

Meet the magical star of What’s My Line?

Decadent and trashy – Is this YOUR view of Riviera Police

28 September 2022

There’s only one thing worse than the thighs and boobs in Rediffusion’s Riviera Police – and that’s when there aren’t any, writes Milton Shulman

Avis Scott

27 September 2022

Meet BBCtv announcer Avis Scott

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill on Independent Television

18 September 2022

A pictorial guide to the funeral of the former prime minister, from the people behind ‘Fusion’, the house magazine of Rediffusion London

Hail the B.B.C. – It’s the most prolific comedy factory in the world

14 September 2022

Milton Shulman prefers BBC comedy to ITV comedy… sometimes

Channel TV at 60

1 September 2022

A new subsite with archives from Channel Television

Some of the things Burke (of Burke’s Law) can teach Sherlock Holmes

31 August 2022

Milton Shulman compares Sherlock Homes, Public Eye and Burke’s Law

Five pop shows on television to every two where they talk about politics

17 August 2022

Milton Shulman wants less Ready Steady Go! and more Panorama

What a pity Mr. Jonathan Miller should lose his nerve

3 August 2022

Milton Shulman vents his spleen at arts programming in general and Jonathan Miller in particular

A very remarkable man

27 July 2022

Remembering Captain Thomas Marcus Brownrigg OBE, CBE, DSO, RN (Rtd), IDC

Just for a change why doesn’t Panorama etc get out of the rut?

20 July 2022

TV critic Milton Shulman turns his withering eye on current affairs programming

Opportunity Knocks for Brenda Marsh

13 July 2022

The paperwork behind bringing one person on to Opportunity Knocks

All these talk programmes – they’re getting worse

6 July 2022

Milton Shulman rages over the quality of TV chat

Expo 58

29 June 2022

A gallery of publicity and posters for the Brussels Expo 1958

Is this the root of the trouble with Tonight?

22 June 2022

Milton Shulman, splenetic TV critic, looks at what’s wrong with the BBC’s flagship news show Tonight

‘I’m getting three years is hard’

15 June 2022

Top producer Brian Tesler shortly goes over to Associated TeleVision from the BBC with one of the most tempting contracts ever offered in this country

Facts and figures about British Railways 1959

8 June 2022

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1959

Facts and figures about British Railways 1958

1 June 2022

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1958

Facts and figures about British Railways 1957

25 May 2022

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1957

Television for Younger Viewers

18 May 2022

A look at BBCtv programmes for children in 1951

Fourth floor says… Why we cannot have more TV programmes at present

10 May 2022

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1960: technical limitations are preventing ITV-2

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