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Please leave the Minstrels their cork

25 May 2024

TV critic Milton Shulman defends The Black and White Minstrels. Yes, it reads exactly as you think it’s going to.

Designer: John Clements

22 May 2024

A Rediffusion production designer on how to design for production

The (too) easy laugh that kills so many TV comedy shows

18 May 2024

Leslie Crowther vehicle “The Reluctant Romeo” is not as good as Steptoe, says Milton Shulman

Chris, Sally and Spit – organising meyhem every Saturday

15 May 2024

It’s Saturday morning madness!

They Say… Peter Black

8 May 2024

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

This is Granada

3 May 2024

Our new huge subsite devoted to Granada, serving the North on weekdays 1956-1968

Outside Broadcasts

1 May 2024

Not everything comes from ATV’s studios – sometimes the cameras go out and about

And now – star variety from ABC

24 April 2024

And for the teenagers – skiffle king Lonnie Donegan

They Say… Kenneth Bailey

17 April 2024

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

My vision in stone

10 April 2024

Sunday’s Communion service, from Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, will be ITV’s most ambitious church broadcast yet

Wood Green Studio

3 April 2024

Have a peep around ATV’s London studio in 1958

Sound Sensation Scotland

28 March 2024

Take a trip behind the scenes of offshore Radio Scotland in 1967 in our new microsite

This is Hallamland

21 March 2024

Radio Hallam in Sheffield is 50 this year. To celebrate, we’ve made their first anniversary commemorative booklet into a website for you

Auditions – the ‘telescope’ that finds new stars

20 March 2024

ABC goes hunting for the next big names in entertainment in 1957

Good Evening! I’m Kent Manahan

13 March 2024

A New Jersey PBS anchor joins Channel Reports for a week

Rediffusion: the first ten years

29 February 2024

Celebrating ten year of the London weekday ITV company in 1965

LSO – The Music Men

3 February 2024

Rediffusion London goes behind the scenes of the London Symphony Orchestra in 1965


27 December 2023

Rediffusion, the ABC, the CBC and WNET/Group W get together to make documentaries about our world

Broadcasting in the West

20 December 2023

Our microsite goes inside the BBC Home Service Western region

The time has come to smother Crossroads

17 December 2023

Why doesn’t anyone listen to TV critics, asks splenetic TV critic Milton Shulman

Music in the night

13 December 2023

Inside Radio Luxembourg in 1965

ABC INVESTIGATES – with the gloves off

8 December 2023

A new series aims to find out everything!

ITV in 1959

6 December 2023

Our microsite goes inside Independent Television in 1959

The BBC Television Story

29 November 2023

Celebrating 20 years of BBC television

Meet the Beatles

24 November 2023

A new pop group have hit it big in 1964. Find out more about these ‘Fab Four’ boys

The assassination and TV

22 November 2023

A-R, ITN and ATV leap into action on a terrible day

Marconi Mobile Television

15 November 2023

In city, town or country, Marconi Outside Broadcast equipment is the toast of 1954

Clear evidence of desperation among the boys who write those crime series

12 November 2023

This week, Milton Shulman is disliking ABC’s ‘Intrigue’ on your behalf

There’s so much behind that five-minute Epilogue

10 November 2023

Meet Rev Eric Geddes, presenter of ABC’s epilogue

The ITV Audience

8 November 2023

Our microsite looks into who watches ITV


25 October 2023

A whole new look for weekday ITV in London as Associated-Rediffusion rebrands

The Facts

19 October 2023

A timeline of the plans for merging Rediffusion and ABC’s operations

This is the EBU

18 October 2023

Our microsite goes inside the European Broadcasting Union


12 October 2023

The merger of Rediffusion and ABC’s operations continues, but it’s not looking good for Rediffusion’s staff

This ‘Box Office’ never closes

11 October 2023

How Alpha Television resets the studio between ‘Bid for Fame’ and ‘Box Office’


5 October 2023

The news is in: Rediffusion is to merge operations with ABC. But what does this mean for the staff?

“Sauce for the Gander”

4 October 2023

Mary Malcolm defends British Housewives in a special advertising magazine on ITV

In Nine Months TV Transforms Wembley Studios

27 September 2023

Switching Wembley from film to television ready for the launch of ITV

These are among the TV shows I call toothless and vapid

24 September 2023

Peyton Place, Dick Van Dyke, Perry Mason, The Munsters, Bonanza and Dr. Kildare don’t suit Milton Shulman


20 September 2023

Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1981 results


20 September 2023

Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1980 results


20 September 2023

Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1979 results


20 September 2023

Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1978 results

He’s nasty and he’s a stoolpigeon yet a great many viewers like to see him

17 September 2023

Milton Shulman takes a penetrating look at The Informer


13 September 2023

Lord Grade on Associated Television Corporation’s 1977 results

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