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How it works… A question of lines

19 July 2023

Basil Bultitude explains the differences between 405, 525, 625 and 819 lines

The sporting life could be the death of us

16 July 2023

Milton Shulman sounds a warning note on television sport

How it works… The Problem of Genlock

12 July 2023

Basil Bultitude explains what genlock is, why it is used and the advantages of other systems

This is television nowhere else in the world can match

9 July 2023

Milton Shulman takes a biting look at television

Both Sides of the Camera

5 July 2023

Our microsite goes behind the scenes of ABC Weekend TV

T.V. House by-pass

28 June 2023

The Kingsway tram tunnel becomes the Strand underpass

‘No Flashy Dress’ ATV Announcers Warned

21 June 2023

They may be faded out

‘Mogul’ needs a new look at its womenfolk

18 June 2023

Milton Shulman on the business types of television

The General Manager’s farewell

14 June 2023

Tom “Never Baffled” Brownrigg’s valedictory message to Associated-Rediffusion staff

Ten years of ITV schools

7 June 2023

Our microsite on the first ten years of ITV schools

18 hours of old films in one week’s viewing is much too much

4 June 2023

Milton Shulman lets himself go

RTV man’s I-view of KYW-TV3

31 May 2023

A researcher at Rediffusion is seconded to America

The day we lost the Big Red Book

24 May 2023

A star of TV’s longest running soap nearly didn’t make it to the screen when he was singled out as a ‘This Is Your Life’ subject. Producer MALCOLM MORRIS explains

Secrets of ‘Life’ – The ones who got away

23 May 2023

In 700 programmes, ‘This Is Your Life’ has usually got its man – or woman. But there have been near-misses and some who got away. In the first of a two-part exclusive, producer MALCOLM MORRIS reveals all

Leicester woman (70) kisses ITV announcer – at Birmingham studio

18 May 2023

The Leicester Illustrated Chronicle takes a viewer to meet John Edmunds

Acorns to Oaks

17 May 2023

Two contrasting people write about two contrasting genres

That Eamonn Andrews show – Is extermination too good for it?

14 May 2023

Milton Shulman loves Eamonn Andrews! Just kidding, he hates him

Why video disc jockeys need to change horses

10 May 2023

Will video kill the radio star? Or will it be Kenny Everett?


3 May 2023

Our microsite on proposals for a second ITV network

Scenes from a painter’s life

26 April 2023

Meet Bill Bolton, a scenery painter at Wembley

Boy Meets Girls

19 April 2023

A new, quieter, replacement for Oh Boy! – but is it too square?

The drivel and gush of the television serial

16 April 2023

Soap operas: nobody likes them, so why are they top of the viewing charts, asks Milton Shulman

This hospital serial really does help

12 April 2023

Emergency – Ward 10 reaches its 100th episode

The ITV Story

5 April 2023

Our microsite looks back at the first ten years of ITV

Frost warning; so the message is pull your socks up

2 April 2023

Satire with David Frost on BBC-1? Milton Shulman isn’t a fan

The Palladium Show is ‘in the van’

29 March 2023

Sunday Night at the London Palladium involves spending Sunday day in a van behind the theatre

Sir Philip Gives ABPC’s TV Plans and Policy

22 March 2023

The chairman of the Associated British Picture Corporation on his plans for the new ABC Weekend in 1955

I liked the garlanded Nelson play, but…

19 March 2023

Television plays: yay or nay? Nay, says Milton Shulman

We’re no bright-eyed super heroes – we’re The Sweeney

15 March 2023

The Sweeney returns to Thames in 1978

Oh, that maladjusted sense of humour!

12 March 2023

Roy Hudd in a silent comedy commissioned by Frank Muir: sounds good, right? Wrong, says Milton Shulman

Cadbury’s drinking chocolate

8 March 2023

Print adverts for Cadbury’s drinking chocolate

Who does what in ITV

3 March 2023

Our microsite goes inside the ITV system

‘Tom Stone is not the man he was’

22 February 2023

says John Slater who has played the Det-Sgt. since the twice-weekly series on BBC-1 began 200 episodes ago

Mr Therm

15 February 2023

Mr Therm burns to serve you in these 1950s print ads

A matter of a three letter word

12 February 2023

Milton Shulman loves hating arts programmes

Oh! those awful earbashing programmes

5 February 2023

Talk shows: aren’tcha sick of ’em? asks Milton Shulman

Crossroads 3000

31 January 2023

Our microsite celebrating 3000 episodes of ATV’s Crossroads

Ready, Steady, Go runs into imaginative paralysis

29 January 2023

Kids these days, growls Milton Shulman as he refuses to give them their ball back

Behind the Screens with some of TV’s more familiar faces

25 January 2023

The people behind your favourite programmes – and the people in front of them

What will the ad spots be like?

18 January 2023

TV Mirror in 1955 looks at how this new television advertising thing will work

In a TV year That Never Was these were my worst programmes

13 January 2023

Milton Shulman picks his way through the viewing offerings of 1965

Harlech: Accepting the challenge

11 January 2023

Our microsite on the first year of Harlech Television

The Human Jungle

1 January 2023

The press pack for a new drama series on ABC Weekend: The Human Jungle

Emergency – Ward 10

25 December 2022

Our Christmas present to you: celebrate 500 episodes of the medical drama with our new microsite

Ursula Howells

20 December 2022

Meet actress Ursula Howells

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Tuesday 5 December 2023