Radio Victory in 1979 

30 December 2017

Radio Victory・14 October 1975

Radio Victory (Portsmouth) Ltd, PO Box 257, PORTSMOUTH PO1 5RT
Tel: 0705 27799. Telex: Victory Prtsmth: 86856
21 Castle Way, SOUTHAMPTON
Tel: 0703 388888

Directors J P N Brogden (Chairman); G Paine (Managing Director); P S Ashley; A Ball; E W Borrow; Mrs K E Childs; G Cromarty Bloom; G A Day; P Duncan; G C Edyvane; F P Faulkner; R T Glanville; Miss C Hurlin; A B Logan; K Mason; J S McKerchar; J L S Mitchell; J A Nye; D Penketh.

Senior Executives Guy Paine (Managing Director); Jack McLaughlin (Head of Programmes and News); Russell Tollerfield (Chief Engineer); Bruce Jenkins (Company Secretary/Accountant); Tony Grundy (Sales/Promotions Manager).

IBA Local Advisory Committee for Independent Local Radio in Portsmouth G Sapsed (Chairman); C E Arrowsmith; E Clark; Cllr S Duncan-Brown; Cllr T R Gregory; Mrs A Plunkett; Cllr Mrs R Pocidey; Miss C Ritson; Cllr B Smith.

Victory’s Dave Carson and Steve Clarke reporting on the 200th anniversary celebrations of the station’s namesake, Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory.

After more than three years of broadcasting to Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight, Radio Victory has become established as a real member of the community, fulfilling its role of providing news, information and entertainment for the diverse yet mutual needs of listeners everywhere in the area.

In its particular geographical setting, Victory is constantly aware of the need to be :lose to and involve all sections of the south :oast communities that it serves. That’s why the Victory outside broadcast and promotions teams spend little time at the station’s main studios in Portsmouth. An average summer of ‘out and about’ can include transmissions from shows, fetes, air displays, exhibitions, festivals, galas and carnivals, with coverage and involvement in sporting occasions ranging from county and village cricket matches, golf and tennis tournaments, motor racing and equestrian events.

Then there’s the wintertime events to think about. And it’s not only the well known voices and faces at Victory that believe in ‘having a go’. From a full-time staff of just under 40 people, Radio Victory has its own darts, soccer, cricket, netball, ten-pin bowling, jogging and running, motor racing and even pentanque (boule) teams, who all regularly give up their spare time to take part in charity matches and events that have raised tens of thousands of pounds for fund raising organisations from all over the Victory area.

On-air, appeals and community projects tackled have included the enormously successful Victory Jobweek, run in conjunction with local Jobcentres and resulting in over a thousand calls offering and seeking work around the area, regular Christmas appeals for young and old, a ‘work weekend’ aimed at converting a derelict church hall into a much-needed community centre – and an all-out drive to buy a minibus for a local old folks home.

Victory also believes that local radio should entertain as well as inform, however, and along with regular news and current affairs programming, listeners can enjoy sport, drama, arts, and hobby features covering the whole spectrum of human interest – The Wonderful Wobbly Wireless Show, produced and presented by local children with just a little help from Sal Richardson, is a good example.

Musically, Radio Victory also believes in looking after all types and shades of tastes, with regular jazz, folk, country, rock, popular and classical programmes presented by local enthusiasts.

Information and entertainment for all the community is Radio Victory’s priority – and from the reaction of the area’s many thousands of ‘Victorians’ it seems this friendly Southern station has its priorities right.

IBA Transmitters
VHF Transmitter
(FM with stereo capability)
Fort Widley (NGR: SU 657 065)
95.0 MHz
Max erp 0.2 kW
Circular polarisation
Aerial ht. 429 ft aod

MF Transmitter
(medium wave, mono only)
Farlington Marshes (NGR: SU 688 052)
257 m (1170 kHz)
Transmitter power 0.2 kW
(MF omnidirectional aerial)

Air Date: 14.10.75

VHF COVERAGE. The map shows the area within which most listeners should obtain satisfactory mono reception on VHF and, with adequate aerials, good stereo reception. Medium wave coverage is designed as far as possible to match VHF.

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Keith 30 December 2017 at 10:44 pm

My Dad played in a Charity Cricket Match against the Radio Victory team in Salisbury around 1979. Both my Sister and I bought RV T Shirts despite not being able to pick up the Station!

Stephen Gale 1 August 2021 at 12:56 pm

I lived near Lymington in 1978 and being sick of Radio 1 playing non stop Bee Gees & ABBA I tuned up the scale to find a slightly fainter signal playing songs by Peter Gabriel , The Tubes & Eddie & The Hot Rods which daytime Radio 1 never played. The presenters were all authentic and recognisable unlike the Generic Drones we hear on Solent , Wave , Heart etc. Sad to say when Ocean Sounds’ first tune was “ I just called to say I love you “ , the game was up. Victory had Soul. With the help of an old VHF tv Ariel the FM signal was ok even 22 miles away in Hordle.

Tony Smith 25 May 2022 at 9:44 am

Radio Victory’s DJ Tony (power of love) Power joined Angel Radio in 2002 and was with them until his death.
Radio Victory’s Rock’n’Roll DJ Dave Gamblen also joined Angel Radio at the same time as Tony Power and is still with them. He presents a 1960s show on Monday mornings and a 50s show on Sunday evenings.

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