Radio 210 in 1979 

26 August 2017

Radio 210・8 March 1976

Thames Valley Broadcasting, PO Box 210, READING, Berkshire RG3 5RZ
Tel: 0734 413131 (Phone-ins: 0734 25505)

Directors Sir John Colville, CB, CVO (Chairman); The Marquess of Douro (Deputy Chairman); Christopher Yates (Managing Director); Neil ffrench Blake (Programme Director/Deputy Managing Director); H E Bell; F A Butters; Rupert Hambro; Brian Harpur; H McGhee; Mrs Bunty Nash; Kenneth F Rivers; Max Lawson; Howard Thomas; A Steel; Robin De’ath.

Executives Christopher Yates (Managing Director); Neil ffrench Blake (Programme Director/Deputy Managing Director); David Oldroyd (Sales Manager); David Porter (Company Secretary); Paul Atkinson (Chief Engineer).

IBA Local Advisory Committee for Independent Local Radio in Reading Mrs E Salisbury (Chairman); D Barnes; J Downs; Cllr M Francis; Cllr Mrs E Hughes; Mrs A Jeater; J Lucas; Miss D Saint; Cllr H Stoddart; Mrs S Swift; R Whitehead; J Widdow.

Chris Yates (Managing Director) shows Her Majesty the Queen and HRH Prince Philip a commercial script during their informal tour of the station.

Radio 210 has been maintaining its intensive outside broadcast campaign and during the last twelve months over one hundred OBs have been undertaken. The station has also been developing its OB programme – tackling concerts, pop festivals, local shows … and royal visits.

210’s new fully equipped colourful mobile studio was part of the Queen’s entourage when she visited Reading. The visit included an informal tour of the radio station – the first time the Queen has ever visited an independent radio station. During the visit Her Majesty watched Mike Matthews presenting his mid-morning show and saw a commercial being made.

The station has continued to attract nationally known figures to its team of broadcasters; in addition to broadcasters such as Paul Hollingdale, the station has now been joined by Bob Harris, who showed his mettle recently while presenting his Drivetime show by conducting an impromptu interview with top Conservative Sir Keith Joseph.

Reading’s new ‘Hexagon’ centre is attracting major artists and orchestras – many of whom have broadcast on 210 from the pleasantly located garden setting studios or by stereo lines from the concert hall itself.

The station has continued to expand its news output and in just under three years has developed a strong bond with the community. The news team have also flexed their muscles in non-local areas by for example, scooping all British Media with an on-scene report from a mass suicide bid in America.

Radio 210’s talks output has been developing, including an adaption of T H White’s classic The Sword In The Stone. In addition all sectors of the community are able to broadcast regularly on the weekly Access programme.

IBA Transmitters
VHF Transmitter (FM with stereo capability)
Butts Centre (NGR: SU713 734)
97.0 MHz
Max erp 0.25 kW
Circular polarisation
Aerial ht. 320 ft aod

MF Transmitter
(medium wave, mono only)
Manor Farm (NGR: SU710 709)
210 m (1431 kHz)
Transmitter power 0.1 kW
(MF omnidirectional aerial)

Air Date: 8.3.76

VHF COVERAGE. The map shows the area within which most listeners should obtain satisfactory mono reception on VHF and, with adequate aerials, good stereo reception. Medium wave coverage is designed as far as possible to match VHF.

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