Radio Trent in 1979 

23 December 2017

Radio Trent・3 July 1975

Radio Trent Ltd, 29-31 Castle Gate, NOTTINGHAM
Tel: 0602 581731

Directors N Ashton Hill (Chairman); Lord John Manners (Vice Chairman); D P F Maitland (Managing Director); Mrs Valerie Baker; E B Bateman; G Boulton; T W H Cearton; R D Kennedy; Miss Marjory Lyon; R Parlby; L J Robson; Mrs Ailsa Stanley; S Williams.

Executives Dennis Maitland (Managing Director); Tony Churcher (Sales Manager and Deputy Managing Director); Bev Smith (Programme Controller); Dave Newman (Head of News); Steve Merike (Head of Entertainment); Chris Theobald (Promotions Manager); Geoffrey Woodward (Chief Engineer); Alan Bailey (Production and Studio Manager); John Barter (Head of Music).

IBA Local Advisory Committee for Independent Local Radio in Nottingham Miss E Lewis (Chairman); S R Beeching; Cllr A Hamilton; A E Hardy; Cllr Mrs J Jenkin-Jones; J Morris; Cllr Mrs S Read; G Thompsell; Mrs J Woodhouse; J Wray.

Radio Trent’s Viv Evans (centre bottom row) with Garden Competition winners visit the ATV Garden in Birmingham with Cyril Fletcher and Bob Price of ATV’s Gardening Today.

It took Radio Trent less than three years to achieve its major launch objective of becoming the No.1 local radio station in Nottingham – and now it plans to increase that lead even more!

The station’s philosophy has aways been to develop a real commitment of involvement with the local community by being immediately accessible to listeners and advertisers and this still holds good.

But although Radio Trent always has its doors and telephone lines open to both listeners and advertisers, its news reporters and programme presenters know the value of face-to-face contact with the local community. This is why they are to be seen – and heard – at a wide range of large and small local events from galas, fetes, open days and school events to fund-raising efforts for a wide variety of good causes, many of which are helped significantly by the advance publicity which Trent can give.

The station’s progressive promotions section has been involved with motor racing at the new Castle Donington Circuit; events at the National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont; Sport for All weekends; barbecues; football; cricket and darts; and concerts covering rock, jazz, contemporary and classical music in Derby and Leicester as well as Nottingham.

Other locations include outside broadcasts and recordings from the new Theatre Royal in Nottingham – regarded by many experts as the finest theatre of its kind in Europe – agricultural shows and hi-fi, motor and home life exhibitions in the area.

A particularly successful partnership has been with the Bilborough College Youth Chamber Orchestra which Trent has sponsored and recorded and which took third prize in a major international competition in Vienna.

And although Radio Trent has close associations with events where people traditionally enjoy themselves, it also has its place in the more serious aspects of commerce and industry, not only reporting on local developments but helping with the ever increasing problem of unemployment, especially among school leavers.

The weekly Trent Job Centre helps put many unemployed in contact with potential employers through the local Government Job Centre.

‘We’re pleased to see that members of the public are listening more to Independent Local Radio than ever before’, said managing director Dennis Maitland. ‘This more than justifies our confidence in the need for such service in the area.’

IBA Transmitters
VHF Transmitter
(FM with stereo capability)
Colwick Wood (NGR: SK 597 398)
96.2 MHz
Max erp O.3 kW
Slant polarisation
Aerial ht. 436 ft aod

MF Transmitter
(medium wave, mono only)
Trowell (NGR: SK 506 398)
301 m (999 kHz)
Transmitter power 0.2 kW

Air Date: 3.7.75

VHF COVERAGE. The map shows the area within which most listeners should obtain satisfactory mono reception on VHF and, with adequate aerials, good stereo reception. Medium wave coverage is designed as far as possible to match VHF.

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