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28 November 2015 tbs.pm/8124


Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph have a lovely obituary of Redvers Kyle that interestingly concentrates on his time as host of the early school’s programme Looking and Seeing.

It began with a young boy getting up, having breakfast then rushing through Covent Garden market on his way to school, noticing little of the “exotic life” on sale around him. Later, the programme looked in detail at the fruits and flowers, examining where they came from and showing examples of “the wealth of associations” with which they were invested, in their depiction in works of art from de Hooch to Duncan Grant.

Reviewers felt the programme was over-ambitious and lacked focus; Kyle was criticised for trying “to cover too much ground in too short a time”. Some felt the programme was worthy and dull. The Daily Telegraph claimed that the script had included “a rock ‘n’ roll signing-off joke: ‘Oh, before we part, do you know what the young schoolboy said when he found his father reading his end of term report? – See you later, angry pater’” – but reported that “on second thoughts this was not broadcast.”

There were eight episodes before the programme was dropped.

His funeral takes place on Friday 4 December 2015 at 1.40pm at Rawdon, near Leeds.

Redvers Kyle, television announcer – obituary [The Daily Telegraph]

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