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27 October 2012

If you don’t “do” social media, then you might be missing out. Because I do “do” these things, I tend to forget those of you who don’t. And then you don’t get told about good things that are happening off-site.

You can, of course, rectify that problem by following us on Twitter or on Facebook. But, frankly, if you’re not yet on either of those you’re probably never going to be. So here’s a digest of Transdiffusion elsewhere.

If you like looking at broadcasting-related photographs, the Transdiffusion group on Flickr is a good place to start, being chock-full of broadcastingy images. You can also sign up for free and add your own, if you so wish. Hey look! We’re crowdsourcing!

If moving things are your, er, thing then you might like our YouTube channel. That’s been busy of late with some choice morsels of presentation goodness going up, plus a couple of special features like Tomorrow’s World celebrating 50 years of television in 1986 and Godfrey Hodgson telling us What The Papers Say in 1985 (clue: the IBA banning a documentary doesn’t interest them but creating a panic about everyone dying of AIDS does).

There’s also some lovely bits of continuity and the odd slip, trip and fall to see. So come on over to our (other) place and have a look. You’ll be glad you did.

A Transdiffusion Presentation

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Leigh Brown 28 October 2012 at 7:04 pm

I’ve just spent an entire afternoon watching your wonderful clips on YouTube thank you Transdiffusion

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