Pigs Penguins can fly 

1 April 2008 tbs.pm/879

Top of the pile when it came to today’s April Fool jokes was an inspired effort from the BBC which cleverly used special effects to make something happen that wouldn’t naturally be the case, namely to make penguins fly.

On top of this, both the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph also featured this as an April Fool joke which is very unusual for rival newspapers. And the added BBC Breakfast News/website promotion and iPlayer link gave this rather far-fetched idea some wings, even if some of you weren’t entirely convinced by what’s written in a newspaper.

Even cleverer is taking this idea and effectively using it as a promotion for the BBC’s iPlayer video-on-demand service, hence giving this creation a life outside of the April 1 timespan, with the slogan “When amazing things happen on the BBC you never have to miss them”.

Next they will be telling us that spaghetti grows on trees…

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