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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Published 26 December 2022

A comprehensive record of television and radio schedules during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September 2022

More to do, less to see

Published 24 January 2011

So the BBC has finally revealed a list of its online services for trimming or closure in order to meet its 25% budget cut, which broadly correlates with a similar…

Cutting remarks

Published 20 October 2010

Given the pro-BBC lobby’s near-meltdown at the merest thought of yesterday’s licence fee settlement (not only frozen but with additional expenditure tacked on as well), it’s rather perplexing to still…

The wrong impression

Published 5 September 2009

Public rejects Murdoch view of BBC, says ICM poll It’s now a week since James Murdoch made his predictably controversial MacTaggart speech that was conceived from the outset to make…

Olive branch

Published 11 December 2008

BBC outlines £120m partnership plans with other public service broadcasters After a couple of months where the BBC superficially seemed to be upsetting everyone from readers of the Daily Mail…

Marsupial mishap

Published 3 December 2008

Project Kangaroo punctured by Competition Commission Competition Commission statement (PDF file) Project Kangaroo is (or perhaps was, given the stance that now seems to be all too clear) an attempt…

Demand Five – another case of online discrimination

Published 22 July 2008

Once again, a sizeable proportion of online users are being discriminated against by on-demand programme providers: this time by Five’s TV-on-demand service Demand Five. If they were visually impaired, for…

Round two

Published 25 April 2008

Murdoch attacks BBC over iPlayer We’ve already had Peter Bazalgette attack the BBC’s public service dominance in a speech this week, so I suppose it just had to be the…

Pigs Penguins can fly

Published 1 April 2008

Top of the pile when it came to today’s April Fool jokes was an inspired effort from the BBC which cleverly used special effects to make something happen that wouldn’t…

Some might prefer blank screens

Published 2 August 2007

BBC corrupted by Microsoft In its defence, it’s not exactly the BBC’s fault that a) it’s faced with a choice between DRM-protected downloads and no downloads at all, and b)…

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