Classic FM’s Simon Bates on US television! 

10 February 2008

If I were to say to you, Simon Bates, what does he do, you’d probably say, he presents Classic FM’s breakfast show and he used to be a BBC Radio 1 DJ, and occasional host of Top Of The Pops back in the day. But what if I told you, he also is a commentator for CBS News in the US?

It can be amazing what you can find on the internet sometimes.

There he is, sat somewhere in London, reporting on a story for CBS News’s overnight news programme, Up To The Minute. And, by the way, the story itself is an interesting one. A cautionary tale in it’s own way, about how details in a story can make all the difference. Fascinating story, told in the inimitable Simon Bates, Our Tune style, only without the background music!

I think if I’d said that Simon Bates was a commentator for CBS News, you’d have thought it was a different person to the Classic FM presenter. Just goes to show, that on the internet, you can find the unexpected, without even looking for it.

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