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Turning the tables on Ed Murrow

Published 25 April 2023

Edward R Murrow comes back to Britain for Granada

“Here is the News”

Published 7 September 2022

The wireless is increasingly being used for news broadcasts in the UK, but elsewhere the story is different

Here is the NEWS – I T A Style

Published 22 August 2022

After a month of ITN’s news service, the rest of country can’t wait for the new news

The deep marks that Ed Murrow left

Published 2 April 2021

The man who invented radio and television journalism as we know it

Classic FM’s Simon Bates on US television!

Published 10 February 2008

If I were to say to you, Simon Bates, what does he do, you’d probably say, he presents Classic FM’s breakfast show and he used to be a BBC Radio…

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