RIP BBC Television News 

27 March 2007

Moira Stuart loses BBC News slot

It’s bad enough that BBC Television News has become a round-up of the day’s press-releases from think-tanks, pressure groups, charities and universities interspersed with showbiz trivia and cross-promotions for other programmes on BBC TV.

It’s bad enough that it is presented by airheaded totty of both sexes who think it’s intellectual to say “an historic”, interviewing hapless reporters stuck outside of places where nothing is happening or experts in the studio desperately trying to enliven superannuated Powerpoint presentations.

It’s bad enough that we regularly watch reporters who are risking their lives in Gaza, Helmand or Iraq being told to shut up by an autocutie so we can endure a trailer for Comic Relief, Radio 2 or Life On Mars for the 50 billionth time.

It’s bad enough that we have to put up with weather reporters stuck pointlessly outside in case we were to forget what weather looks like. Or that extracting an admission of any error whatsoever on NewsWatch from a BBC News Producer is less likely than the second coming of Christ. And that most invertebrate worms would feel unchallenged by the content of Newsround.

But now we learn the one and only thing that can make this smouldering pile of inane drivel worth watching has gone.

We’ll miss you Moira.

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