Articles by Dave Jeffery

RIP BBC Television News

Published 27 March 2007

Moira Stuart loses BBC News slot It’s bad enough that BBC Television News has become a round-up of the day’s press-releases from think-tanks, pressure groups, charities and universities interspersed with…

Irritating cliché #234563

Published 12 March 2007

In PC Pro this month (May 2007 edition), editor Tim Danton writes: In the 1960s, people were happy with black-and-white, grainy images with jittery sound quality. They weren’t. 405-line television…

Diamonds should have been forever…

Published 10 February 2007

What seems like an age ago, I designed some Flash files for the BBCi Cult website. However, I was reminded of them the other day when I noticed that the…

Time to bin TattyCockneys and go Latin.

Published 18 December 2005

Bleak House Finale Tops Ratings I wasn’t suprised by the success of Bleak House. The fact that Brazilian style soap would be successful in the UK is something I’ve been…

Thought For The Day

Published 9 December 2005

Now on BBC Radio Four, we present The Antidote to Flannel Pains.

Setting the Patten for Delia

Published 11 October 2005

Chefs urge safeguards for ads on children’s TV The Guardian today carries a story about television chefs who have signed a letter to Tony Blair urging the banning of junk…

Time to end “Thought For The Day”

Published 8 August 2005

A selection of bull Every morning the ?Today? programme provides a platform to people who wish to make wild unfounded claims, exhibit a smug sense of superiority, tell us how…

Compare and contrast…

Published 10 December 2004

Thomson buys ITV’s special effects unit TWW History

A boon for busy fathers

Published 22 November 2004

Sharp rise for on-demand Before I got married, I was an avid Radio 4 listener. I picked up the Radio 4 bug at university during the Gulf War, and I…

An English Overture

Published 21 October 2004

Best Of British Light Music (5 CD set) One of the best things about growing up in Somerset in the 70s was being able to watch the incredible Westward Television…

The words you’re putting in my mouth are making me sick

Published 5 September 2004

I’m rather bemused with the habit the BBC, ITV and others have developed of “loading” phone or internet poll questions. Instead of asking for straight yes or no reponses to…

Design for life

Published 24 May 2004

An interview with designer Alan Scragg

Indepth on Westward Television

Published 24 May 2004

The Golden Hind

It’s time the tale were told

Published 1 December 2002

How two Transdiffusion contributors made LWT’s last day

Granada Writes

Published 23 February 2002

A northern typefaces trip.

Year zero

Published 1 January 2002

Every new ITV company has reinvented the wheel

Bad Sport

Published 1 September 2001

Dave Jeffery loathes sport on television

Once upon a Westward

Published 1 September 2001

Dave Jeffrey pines for the forgotten galleon

Bridging the gap

Published 14 June 2001

Hungary goes its own way

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