Classic Ads – 2 

21 November 2006

This article from the former Vintage Broadcasting site shows some classic advertisements, including those from the early days of ITV and Channel 4. Part two of three.

Click on the screen shots to view the ads in MPEG 1 format.

Shell, sung by Sammy Davis Jnr.

BP ‘On the move’. This ad must have cost an awful lot of money, but the end result is superb.

Ferguson FST TVs: this ad runs for 90 seconds, and the photography is excellent.

Egg Marketing Board, featuring Tony Hancock.

Heinz Co. Ltd: In 1986, Heinz celebrated their centenary with this stunning 2.5 minute compilation of their commercials over the years.

A neat solution to the problem of how to demonstrate a TV that’s claimed to be better than the viewer’s. Sony Trinitron TVs, starring Rowan Atkinson. v/o Simon Cadell.

More ITV and C4 Advertisements On Page 3

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