London ITA 1968 

24 November 2006

This item from the former Vintage Broadcasting site presents audio recordings from 1968’s outgoing ITV London franchise holders, and the new companies that took their places.

In the 1967 franchise round, the ITA (Independent Television Authority) decided that the contractors serving London would be changed. A new company, London Weekend Television, would operate from 7 pm Fridays until close of programmes on Sunday, while Thames Television (the result of an ITA-required merger of Rediffusion and ABC) would broadcast from start of programmes on Monday to 7 pm Friday.

ATV London

ATV London’s last weekend was 27th/28th July 1968. Rediffusion’s last day was Monday 29th July 1968 (though programmes didn’t actually finish until 00:26 on Tuesday 30th).

LWT Trailer followed by last ATV London closedown. Announcer Trevor Lucas

Rediffusion London

Rediffusion Continuity with Fanfare

Thames Trailer

Last Rediffusion Closedown – Redvers Kyle and Jon Kelley (The actual Rediffusion closedown music is not included in this recording, which comes from the announcers microphone and not the transmission output)

For more on the history of ITV, visit Transdiffusion’s ITV50 site.

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