Television on a stamp

2 October 2023

Rediffusion’s house magazine goes looking for TV-themed postage stamps

Sky TV blasts off with a ‘bubbly’ start

3 February 2023

One of Sky TV’s many launches

Focus on the future

7 November 2022

Never mind how or what we’ll be watching in the year 2000: it’s time for TV to ditch cliché and resist Americanisation

The history of television

3 November 2022

Examining Granada’s 13-part series looking at Television

Baird Television and the fire

16 September 2020

Disaster strikes television development as the Crystal Palace burns down

What do women want from TV?

16 April 2018

In a wrenching break with the established order of things, the TVTimes in 1956 asks what women really want from television. Don’t worry, though: nobody listened

TV80: Television To-day

2 November 2016

The BBC Handbook for 1938 looks back at the first year of television

Pilkington: Dramatis Personæ

29 August 2016

The people behind the Pilkington Report

Is coin-in-the-slot TV the answer?

6 July 2015

The BBC’s senior superintendent engineer gives us a peek into the future of TV: pay-per-view… in 1954

Schools & Colleges – 3

1 August 2007

From the late 80s to the present

Schools & Colleges – 2

1 July 2007

The OU and beyond

Schools & Colleges – 1

1 June 2007

The history of educational TV

The Launch of ITV

25 November 2006

The beginning of ITV – in sound & vision

London ITA 1968

24 November 2006

One of the most radical changes to hit the ITV network

Pay-TV – 1960s Style

23 November 2006

Sky was not the first…

Classic Ads – 1

22 November 2006

From the early days of ITV & C4

Classic Ads – 2

21 November 2006

More classic ads

Classic Ads – 3

20 November 2006

More classic ads

A Broader Aspect

31 March 2006

Confusion surrounding TV aspect ratios has all happened before…

Pictures of the dawn

1 May 2005

Video recording is not new. In fact it goes back a very long way.

Your first set

1 February 2005

What was it like to buy a TV over 50 years ago?

Baird’s independent television

5 April 2003

Thanks to John Logie Baird, ITV nearly arrived 50 years early

Baird versus the BBC

1 February 2003

JLB pioneers television – but John Reith needs convincing

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