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The perfect blend

Published 28 November 2023

A love story, in 30-second gulps

Brainwashes whiter

Published 30 September 2018

Kif Bowden-Smith is driven slowly mad by musical jingles

1964 adverts

Published 6 September 2018

Take a trip back to how capitalism worked in 1964

Factsheet 1966: Television Advertising

Published 23 August 2018

An introduction to television advertising rules in 1966

How TV Commercials get made

Published 5 June 2018

Rediffusion’s advertising agency on what makes good and bad television ads in 1965

Now it’s jingle all the way

Published 22 January 2018

A good jingle can sell you anything – in 1957, at least

Commercials? You’ll love ’em!

Published 1 February 2016

‘The Viewer’ in 1959 explains television advertisements to a new audience

Less is more

Published 21 January 2016

Broadcast and basic cable in the US decides how to fight back against Netflix

Ofcom consults on product placement

Published 28 June 2010

Sneaking out into the ether today (WHY NOT HAVE A PINT OF FOSTERS?) is the news that Ofcom (MY MATE, MARMITE) has launched a consultation on Product (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – FOR THE HOLIDAY OF A LIFE TIME) Placement in TV programmes and whether commercial messages can be (I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THAT WONDERFUL DUFF!) integrated into radio programmes.

Selling KERA

Published 6 March 2010

An email to the local PBS stations leads to 60 seconds of fame

No booze ads in Scotland?

Published 17 June 2008

Here’s an interesting one. The Guardian are reporting that the Scottish Government are consulting about a possible ban of alcohol related TV ads before the 9pm watershed. It’s a question that has been raised nationwide, but so far not discounted.

Classic Ads – 1

Published 22 November 2006

From the early days of ITV & C4

Classic Ads – 2

Published 21 November 2006

More classic ads

Classic Ads – 3

Published 20 November 2006

More classic ads

Making the Break

Published 1 December 2005

Philip Stevens on making early ITV commercials

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