Factsheet '66

A look at ITV as it stood in 1966

Celebrity hosts

6 June 2022

All manner of people turn up at Central TV in Birmingham in order to link the children’s programmes

Small but strong

21 March 2022

CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • The closest we got to local community TV

This is THE NORTH: Here Are My Plans

21 February 2022

The man with a plan: Sidney Bernstein discusses what he wants to do with the North on the opening of Granada TV Network

INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Present and Future Policy on Development

14 February 2022

A gallop through how ITV got to opening day and what’s next for the new network

Gus hops to new heights

15 November 2021

TSW’s biggest star goes from strength to strength

No Damage So Far, But We Must Learn to Live with Commercial Television

25 October 2021

ITV is here. Will it kill the cinema?

A Shared Medium

13 September 2021

It’s time for a fourth channel in the UK. But no more than that, please

In association with…

7 June 2021

Competition or cooperation? In May 1956 it’s still not clear which will be ITV’s main thrust

Slick – that is the new TV

12 April 2021

It’s launch day for ITV in London, but there’s a fire in the stables in Ambridge…

Oh! What a Night it was…

1 March 2021

STV turns 5 years old with a telethon and a staff party

Choice to-day of commercial TV companies

9 December 2020

A scoop on the announcements of the first ITV franchises in 1954: Granada is to get the Midlands

The Year in Commercial Television

7 December 2020

1958 approaches… has the corner turned for ITV?

Wales TV will not disappoint viewers

2 December 2020

It’s the first of three opening days for the new Wales (West & North) Television

The inauguration of “Southern Television”

23 November 2020

A Southern Rhapsody is about to hit Reading. Will you be watching?

Here comes the big new era

12 October 2020

The new ITV is about to begin in 1968. Will it be all new, part new or the same old faces?

Granada TV chief on production problems

7 October 2020

Making television isn’t easy or quick, Granada tells the Heywood Round Table

UTV’s rival reveals its plans for channel

23 September 2020

What do Northern Ireland Independent Television have that Ulster Television don’t? The IBA in 1980 would have to decide

ITV dopes the public

14 September 2020

The charge today is: ITV dopes the public… according to the Daily Herald in 1958

The symbols of ITV explained

19 August 2020

ITV patiently explains ITV to viewers of ITV in 1959

The fall of Teledu Cymru

12 August 2020

The ITA reports on their biggest failure to date: the fall of Wales (West and North) Television in 1964

Gremlins hit big TV opening

7 August 2020

The Daily Mirror pokes fun at the disaster that was Harlech’s launch night

The symbols of success

3 August 2020

Get ready for ITV in this interview from 1989 with the designers of the new look

Stop watch man starts UTV

31 October 2019

The Sunday Independent in Dublin reports on the opening of Ulster Television

Opening day for Channel Nine

31 October 2019

The Belfast Telegraph reports on the opening of Ulster Television

The results are in

26 August 2019

ATV’s first annual report after the 1968 contract changes reveals the ups and downs of the new ITV

What will ITV-2 be like?

29 April 2019

ITV-2 is coming soon, says the Daily Telegraph in 1971. But what will it look like?

Shoestring splendours

2 April 2019

In 1969 Ted Willis told the House of Lords it was time for ITV to consolidate. Did a trip to the Westward and Scottish studios change his mind?

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1966

31 March 2019

Travel back to this day in 1966 to find out what’s on Granada

Granada knocked

9 January 2019

June 1970: a prolonged strike at Granada has just finished, but, the Financial Times asks, will they ever recover? And even if they do, surely Coronation Street is now doomed?

Hurricane Lew

5 November 2018

A satirical profile of Sir Lew Grade from Barry Took in Punch magazine in 1972

‘ITV was the start of the Coca-colonisation of Britain’

29 October 2018

In 1980, Jack Tinker, theatre critic of the Daily Mail, turns his unsympathetic eye to the launch of ITV in 1955

Private Eye’s take on the 1979 ITV strike

25 October 2018

Satirical magazine Private Eye’s view of the ITV strike in 1979

The ITV Story

22 September 2018

A look back from 1965 at the events of 1955 and the birth of ITV

How I grew up with ITV

3 September 2018

Vic Gardiner of LWT remembers the first 25 years of ITV in 1980 – and his part in the network’s development

This is NEW Granadaland

29 July 2018

The TVTimes looks west of the Pennines for a glimpse of what a 7-day Granada will look like in July 1968

Made in Yorkshire!

29 July 2018

TVTimes introduces the new Yorkshire Television in July 1968

Down-Channel economics

28 June 2018

CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • In 1970, the Daily Telegraph asks if Channel Television can survive

Breakfast TV: Snap, Crackle or Flop?

25 June 2018

Will TV-am be a success? Peter Jay says yes. Others tell the Sunday Express Magazine in 1981 that it’s a disaster in the making

Waking up to Television

7 June 2018

Looking forward to the arrival of TV-am, later in 1983

Minority Television in Action

21 May 2018

The IBA celebrates diversity on ITV in 1983

Australian view: Pioneer ITV stops the traffic

26 April 2018

Television, in the shape of TCN 9 in Sydney, comes to Australia. The TVTimes in 1956 celebrates

Destination 1974

12 February 2018

The strike over, the TVTimes looks ahead to the new-look ITV in 1968 and beyond

This is Independent Television

15 January 2018

The Independent Television Authority hits back at critics of ITV in 1958

Televising Wales and the West

14 January 2018

Celebrating 60 years of ITV in South Wales and the West

New British TV: Show business is booming

22 September 2017

Australia reacts to the launch of Britain’s commercial television

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