This is THE NORTH: Here Are My Plans

21 February 2022

The man with a plan: Sidney Bernstein discusses what he wants to do with the North on the opening of Granada TV Network

Opening shots in TV war

9 November 2020

There’s a new kid on the Granada block: Phil Redmond aims to take the North West franchise in 1991

Granada TV chief on production problems

7 October 2020

Making television isn’t easy or quick, Granada tells the Heywood Round Table

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1966

31 March 2019

Travel back to this day in 1966 to find out what’s on Granada

Granada knocked

9 January 2019

June 1970: a prolonged strike at Granada has just finished, but, the Financial Times asks, will they ever recover? And even if they do, surely Coronation Street is now doomed?

This is NEW Granadaland

29 July 2018

The TVTimes looks west of the Pennines for a glimpse of what a 7-day Granada will look like in July 1968

And the SCENE is all set at Granada

3 May 2017

Mike Scott celebrates 7 years of Granada in 1963

Dear Mr Hargreaves…

8 September 2016

From the North: A lovely letter in 1967 explains how Granada TV presentation works

The wool and the scouse

18 August 2014

In 1980, the Daily Telegraph reports on a challenger for Granada

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