Wales and the West

Some new faces in view

20 May 2024

Harlech is here at last!

Goodbye – to all our friends

3 March 2024

Lord Derby and TWW’s PR director say goodbye to viewers

Ras Sgwar: rhaglen gyntaf mewn cyfres newydd

1 March 2023

Mae sioe siarad newydd gyda thro yn ymddangos am y tro cyntaf ar HTV Cymru

Wales TV will not disappoint viewers

2 December 2020

It’s the first of three opening days for the new Wales (West & North) Television

The fall of Teledu Cymru

12 August 2020

The ITA reports on their biggest failure to date: the fall of Wales (West and North) Television in 1964

Gremlins hit big TV opening

7 August 2020

The Daily Mirror pokes fun at the disaster that was Harlech’s launch night

Last Exit

1 January 2002

Richard Jones on Lord Hill vs TWW

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Saturday 25 May 2024