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22 April 2024


Sunday Sun masthead

From the Sunday Sun for 4 November 1979

GIVE the North its own ITV.

That’s the demand to the Independent Broadcasting Authority from the Campaign for the North.

In a hard-hitting report the all-party campaign says Cumbria and parts of North Yorkshire are badly served by Border Television and Tyne Tees.

And, to avoid domination by the South East, new, smaller TV companies should be part of a Northern ITV network.

TV areas should be based on communities, not on transmission considerations, the report argues.

Paul Temperton, Campaign for the North’s Director, said: “Border’s area is a nonsense in terms of cohesion.

“The northern parts of Cumbria are covered by Border, while southern parts are covered by Granada.

“Meanwhile, parts of North Yorkshire receive Tyne Tees, when they should be getting Yorkshire Television.”

Mr. Temperton added that Tyne Tees, which is part of the Trident group, was too “London-based’ when it came to management.




Trident includes Yorkshire TV and London Weekend, as well as Tyne Tees. [It most certainly did not include LWT – Ed]

The campaign says a northern network would allow companies to pool resources so that people in smaller areas could be kept in touch with their neighbours.

But Border TV’s boss James Bredin said: “We do a very good job for Cumbria and we are based in Carlisle, the administrative centre.

“At present, we only cover two-thirds of the county, though we want to cover all of it, and we ‘re supported in this by many local organisations.”


A TV consortium — Lancastria TV — has put in a bid for the area that includes South Cumbria, North Lancashire and North West Yorkshire. “The transmitting area arrangements are not decided by us, but by the IBA,” said a Tyne Tees spokesman.

“We are certainly not London-based. Trident Television is a holding company, and the management of Tyne Tees is here in Newcastle. All our decisions are made here in the North.

Bob Lorimer, IBA’s regional officer, said: “We can understand the desire of people in Cumbria to have a station covering the whole county.

“But there can be engineering problems. You can’t tailor a TV area to precisely the same limits as a local government area.”


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H J Hill 22 April 2024 at 6:25 pm

And it’s still bonkers, with both ITV and BBC regional programmes from Leeds and Manchester behaving as if the physical laws governing the propagation of electro-magnetic waves took English local government boundaries into account.
The Settle area gets its signals from Winter Hill and so receives the Manchester regional programmes – with no mentions of Settle. But the Leeds studios send reporters to Settle to cover news stories which can’t then be received (from Emley Moor and relays) in the town.
It’s bonkers.

Neil Crosswaite 30 April 2024 at 5:03 pm

I always thought the notion of “super-regions” was a fairly recent one but this article disproves that theory.

An “ITV North” could only have worked “if” it emulated the current “BBC North” (Salford continuity) style and had the franchisees keeping their separate identities but worked closely together to deal with “overlap” areas e.g. Granada and Border but that idea died in 2004 with the creation of ITV PLC.

“Lancastria TV” would have had the same issue as Border did pre merger/takeover with Tyne Tees in that it would have had a region with very disparate communities.

And “Lancastria TV” is a silly name.

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