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Spotlight 1971: London

Published 4 June 2024

About Thames and London Weekend Television and the London region’s transmitters

Call for new ITV network

Published 22 April 2024

It’s time for ITV in the North to declare independence – and for TV to have a whole new set of transmitters

Saving ITV

Published 29 March 2024

Will the forthcoming collapse of LWT bring down the whole of ITV? Does the ITA or the government even care?

A change of programmes

Published 16 December 2023

The death of the backbone of ITV

Paul, punk and Sir Michael keep the South Bank bursting…

Published 16 November 2023

The South Bank Show has been a surprising hit for London Weekend

Snatch of the day

Published 6 November 2023

ITV audaciously steals the football from the BBC and BSB

The regions on the network

Published 14 August 2023

HTV’s programme controller on why we should see more from the smaller ITV companies

Another chance to see… regional ITV

Published 21 July 2023

What’s on ITV tonight? There was once over a dozen answers to this question

ITV in 1988: London Weekend

Published 2 March 2023

Inside LWT in 1988

The Sporting Week – Behind the Scenes

Published 18 April 2022

World of Sport airs every Saturday on ITV – but work on the programme begins on Tuesday

Another chance to see… On the Buses

Published 25 November 2021

A sitcom truly of its time

TV announcer’s career about to take a new turn

Published 20 January 2021

London Weekend’s Alec Taylor would like to try new things in 1975

One of us

Published 21 December 2020

Tom Scott on title sequences

The new look

Published 11 December 2020

Over on our refurbished Thames site, the Reading Evening Post looks in to what exciting programmes the new Thames Television will be offering us in 1968

Here comes the big new era

Published 12 October 2020

The new ITV is about to begin in 1968. Will it be all new, part new or the same old faces?

ITV’s Regional Strength

Published 9 October 2020

What makes ITV worth watching is regional programmes from your local station, says the IBA in 1976

The Frost freakout

Published 5 October 2020

A show is disrupted by unwashed sweary rebels. No, not that one.

Back in time for TV: 1978

Published 24 July 2019

H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1978 to find out what was on the telly…

Can TV’s ‘lost weekend’ be brought to life?

Published 13 May 2019

The leading television critics from the broadsheet newspapers gather in July 1968 to discuss what ITV should look like on weekends when the contracts change

How I grew up with ITV

Published 3 September 2018

Vic Gardiner of LWT remembers the first 25 years of ITV in 1980 – and his part in the network’s development

Tonight’s London Weekend… in 1968

Published 2 August 2018

A look at what was on London Weekend on Friday 2 August 1968

Yorkshire Television presents…

Published 29 July 2018

Programmes coming this week in July 1968 from all of the New ITV that you can see on Yorkshire

Frost joins tycoons in shock ITV shake-up

Published 23 July 2018

The Daily Mirror reports on the decisions taken by the ITA in the ITV franchise round of 1967

Minority Television in Action

Published 21 May 2018

The IBA celebrates diversity on ITV in 1983

Destination 1974

Published 12 February 2018

The strike over, the TVTimes looks ahead to the new-look ITV in 1968 and beyond

The ABC of Simon Dee

Published 1 February 2018

Part 1: Simon Dee talks about his upbringing in this interview from 1970

The pirate king steps ashore to find his family out on the street

Published 1 February 2018

Part 2: Simon Dee talks about losing his Radio Caroline job in this interview from 1970

How I ‘died the death’ in Manchester and was saved by one man’s faith

Published 1 February 2018

Part 3: Simon Dee talks about Dee Time in this interview from 1970

Christmas Day on Thames, LWT and Channel 4… in 1987

Published 24 December 2017

A look at what was on Thames Television, London Weekend and Channel Four on Christmas Day 1987

Doris Hare just can’t keep off the buses

Published 19 September 2017

A look at how Doris Hare rose to fame from 1971

The Unlikely Grads

Published 27 March 2017

The TVTimes in 1971 interviews 29-year-old LWT producer Humphrey Barclay

✎ Crushing your hopes at Christmas

Published 19 December 2016

Sorry, no, it didn’t happen, no matter how much you wanted it to.

► Exit ATV, pursued by LWT

Published 1 December 2016

Audio of David Frost introducing the new London Weekend before Trevor Lucas takes ATV London off air for the final ever time

► The fall and fall of LWT

Published 4 August 2016

The BBC’s “24 Hours” looks at the troubled life of LWT in an audio recording from 1971.

✎ Fountaineer

Published 12 April 2016

A new minisite from Transdiffusion devoted to the soon-to-be-gone Wembley studios.

Tonight’s LWT… in 1981

Published 14 March 2016

A look at what was on LWT on Saturday 14 March 1981

Tonight’s LWT… in 1981

Published 14 November 2015

A look at what was on London Weekend on Saturday 14 November 1981

Who killed Simon Dee?

Published 6 April 2015

Once Britain’s biggest star… and then gone. Why?

New logo for London Weekend

Published 18 September 2014

London Weekend relaunches in 1970

Take that, Thames

Published 24 July 2014

LWT tries to strike back

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