Tory-Weighted Programmers For Britain’s Comm’l TV Spark Rumpus

29 November 2018

The first ITV contracts are announced in November 1954… but, as Variety reports, politicians are worried

I see dazzling years ahead

13 August 2018

The TVTimes talks to Tony Benn, the new Postmaster-General, in 1965

Have faith in colour

5 July 2018

Lord Bernstein thinks that colour is a waste of money. The Daily Telegraph in 1969 does not

Think again!

3 April 2018

The Daily Express is outraged in 1966 when the government announces there will be no colour on BBC-1 and ITV

New TV system needed

11 July 2017

Did Associated-Rediffusion’s managing director predict digital television in 1962?

Would TV in the house be… unfair to MPs?

6 June 2017

Don’t let cameras in to the House of Commons, says Charles Curran MP in 1965

Must it be balanced?

21 April 2016

Playwrights Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall examine the state of TV in 1963

Save Elstree!

17 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the song and dance campaign to save ATV and Elstree studios

The end of the Border line

9 September 2010

Colm O’Rourke reflects on the life and death of Border Television

The rise and fall of Lenton Lane

17 August 2010

How Lenton Lane, Central’s studios in Nottingham, went from nothing to something and back to nothing – by someone who was there.

Gone but never forgotten

19 March 2009

Simon Luxton on the end of regional names on ITV1

The Problem with ITV – Episode 296

23 September 2008

How important to ITV is Channel 3?

Catalogue of Woe

20 July 2008

BBC catalogue off the air

Future-proofing the BBC

22 June 2008

TV must change with the times

Bye-bye Border?

8 April 2008

The end for ITV’s smallest region?

Blair’s Broadcasting Legacy

12 May 2007

Looking back on the outgoing PM’s impact

Still a place for quality TV

2 September 2006

ITV1’s decline and the future of TV as we know it.

Regionalism: A spent force?

31 March 2006

Regional federalism was the foundation of ITV. Should we mourn its passing? Maybe not.

On Message

15 April 2005

Politics, elections and the media

Safe in their hands

15 April 2005

Who will keep the BBC running?

Before Hutton

1 December 2004

Patrick Delaney recalls the precedent of the Hutton Report

Whither ITV?

1 November 2004

Andrew Bowden sees a post-analogue future

You can’t touch me, I’m part of the union

1 June 2004

Glenn Aylett on industrial relations in broadcasting

A Call To Arms

1 January 2004

Russ J Graham writes an open letter to the Welsh Assembly

Big Brother’s Bigger Brother

7 October 2003

Russ J Graham on those who have been kicked out of ITV

Public private partnership

29 June 2003

What is a ‘public service broadcaster’?

Deja vu down under

1 June 2003

Danny J Palmer on the parallels between Australia and the UK

Pay Per View

26 April 2003

The loss of a public funded BBC would be a tragedy, says Kif Bowden-Smith

Perforated Television

25 April 2003

The main fault with modern television has to be Londoncentricity, says Russ J Graham

Into the firing line

18 March 2003

Broadcasters are under the closest scrutiny they have been under in years

Say hello, wave goodbye

1 February 2003

James Barrington is shocked at the end of LWT

Catch the penny

1 January 2003

But Ian Beaumont thinks the broadcasters are missing the pound

Giving up television

1 January 2003

Russ J Graham doesn’t watch here anymore

Undoing the inevitable

1 January 2003

Carl Ellis wants to unpick the Carlton-Granada tie-up

Love/hate five

1 January 2003

David Hastings isn’t sure about Channel Five

A history of presentation

1 January 2003

A woman’s view on a women’s world

The world has changed

1 January 2003

Capitalism and ruralism are now the norm

A merger too far

1 January 2003

One ITV multiplies the business risks, says Ian Beaumont


1 December 2002

ITV will soon be effectively unregulated says Andrew Bowden

Watching London

1 November 2002

David Brockman watches the fall, rise and fall of LWT

Five wins

1 October 2002

Andrew Bowden on the resurgent Channel Five

24 hours too many

1 June 2002

Ian Beaumont says 24 hour television is a waste of time

Blank cheque

1 June 2002

Malcolm Smith on different ways to police the licence fee

Know future

1 June 2002

Stephen Hopkins on the mess ITV has made for itself

Major Merger

1 June 2002

James Barrington rues a single English ITV

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