Call for new ITV network

22 April 2024

It’s time for ITV in the North to declare independence – and for TV to have a whole new set of transmitters

The easy-chair election

4 May 2023

How Granada and ABC will be handling the 1959 general election

Tory-Weighted Programmers For Britain’s Comm’l TV Spark Rumpus

29 November 2018

The first ITV contracts are announced in November 1954… but, as Variety reports, politicians are worried

I see dazzling years ahead

13 August 2018

The TVTimes talks to Tony Benn, the new Postmaster-General, in 1965

New TV system needed

11 July 2017

Did Associated-Rediffusion’s managing director predict digital television in 1962?

Would TV in the house be… unfair to MPs?

6 June 2017

Don’t let cameras in to the House of Commons, says Charles Curran MP in 1965

Must it be balanced?

21 April 2016

Playwrights Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall examine the state of TV in 1963

Murdoch to the rescue

1 September 2001

Murdoch is better than Granada, argues Dafydd Hancock

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