It’s your life… and this is your television 

2 April 2024

ABC Weekend TV

March 1958


It’s your life… and this is your television


ABC Television produces television shows specially for the under forties and over fourteens — programmes which keep pace with the modern, forward-looking ideas of young people living their lives today. We’re a young company ourselves – just two years old — and our producers, directors and technicians are young people too. Our shows are popular because they’re produced for you by people just like you. You’ll see what we mean if you make a point of looking at these two ABC programmes on ITV on Sundays.

The Sunday Break. Popular figures like Frankie Vaughan and David Shepherd meet in your studio club to discuss how religion and politics affect you today. Young people will be on hand to take part, to argue with the experts. Compere is Penry Jones of Iona Community, a former Chairman of the World Council of Youth. The show is screened every Sunday from 6.15 to 7.00 and is produced by 26 year old Ben Churchill.

Top numbers. A slick, fast-moving all-star show. Meet stars such as Pet Clark, Lonnie Donegan, Alma Cogan, Dorothy Squires and Steve Martin every other Sunday, from 10.15 to 11.30.

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