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It’s your life… and this is your television

Published 2 April 2024

Don’t miss these ABC “emphasis on youth” programmes

12 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Published 19 November 2020

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Sunday in 1964

ITV dopes the public

Published 14 September 2020

The charge today is: ITV dopes the public… according to the Daily Herald in 1958

Musical break for Julie

Published 10 January 2019

Meet the co-host of ABC’s The Sunday Break in 1959: starlet Julie Stevens

Factsheet 1966: Religion on Independent Television

Published 20 September 2018

An introduction to religious programmes in ITV in 1966

Sunday 6 September 1964 on Southern

Published 6 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Sunday 6 September 1964

Sunday success story

Published 13 July 2018

ABC producer Penry Jones in 1964 on why religious programmes on ITV are popular

Faith – and 7,000,000 viewers

Published 15 September 2016

The TVTimes in 1961 looks at the men behind the two most popular religious programmes on ITV – ‘The Sunday Break’ and ‘About Religion’

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