Yorkshire’s star-spangled Christmas 

24 December 2023 tbs.pm/79471

Yorkshire's star-spangled Christmas





An Unprecedented Prodigiousity, packed to Repletion with a Multiplicity of Delights for your Delectation.


Christmas Eve

6.00pm ‘With a little help from my friends’ – a Splendiferous Concoction compered by the Incomparable George Martin, ably abetted by the Amplitudinous Talents of such as Ringo Starr, Lulu, Spike Milligan, Dudley Moore, The Hollies and a whole host of others.

7.30pm ‘Doctor in the House’ – the rib-tickling antics of a Maladroit Medico, starring the Masters of Merriment, James Robertson Justice and Dirk Bogarde.

9.15pm ‘Carry On Christmas’ with the Famous Frolicsome Farceurs of ‘Carry On’ renown, in an entertainment especially devised for our Esteemed Audience.


Christmas Day

2.00pm ‘This is… Tom Jones’ – the excellent Mr. Jones, fresh from triumphs in the Entertainment Centres of the World’s Capitals, brightens your Post-Prandial Ponderings with his Vast Virtuosity.

4.35pm ‘Aladdin’ – those Waggish Winters, Mike and Bernie, add furious fun to the festivities with their unique and Original version of the Traditional Titillation.

6.00pm ‘Christmas Box’ – a Plethora of Pleasurableness with a Surfeit of Stars, culled with care from such Exquisite Entertainments as ‘Father, Dear Father’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Mr. Digby Darling’, ‘Jokers Wild’, ‘Cribbins’, ‘The Dustbin Men’, ‘Dear Mother… Love Albert’… May we bring to your your attention that there are also seven (count them) other Splendid Shows represented.

8.30pm ‘The Benny Hill Show’ – the Wizard of Wit, Benny Hilarious Hill, guaranteed to convulse the most Cheerless Charley.

9.30pm ‘Whicker in Europe’ – The world-wide Mr. Whicker turns his penetrating Percipient Pupils on the champagne country and its inhabitants.


Boxing Day

1.00pm ‘Professional Wrestling’ – those mighty men of muscle, the Colossi of the Canvas, demonstrate their awesome abilities.

7.30pm ‘The Ken Dodd Show’ – the Prince of Prankishness, Mr. Ken Dodd, takes you on a rib-tickling, rollicking ride through his own forest of facetiousness.

8.30pm ‘The Engelbert Humperdinck Show’ – Mr. Humperdinck sings in his own inimitable fashion, and acts as Master of Revels in a Veritable Banquet of a show.


And still, dear viewer, there are 32 Roistering, Revelling, Rumbustious hours left undescribed. For full information on the whole Glorious Show, see the Television programme page, or the TVTimes.

Best wishes for better Christmas viewing from Yorkshire Television.


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