I’d rather see my son go to jail 

14 November 2023 tbs.pm/79454

The Trawlermen

18 November 1968


“I’d rather see my son go to jail than go on the trawlers. At least he’d get a safe bed and regular food.”


Tonight at 10.30 Yorkshire probes the doubts, bitterness and problems that overshadow the Hull trawler industry. Nobody pulled punches when Yorkshire Television reporters toured the quarters, pubs and homes of trawler men. Explosive remarks like the one above and “If you want a job, you’ve got to slip somebody a back-hander” were frequently heard.

But the owners also have strong points of view, and this programme gives them the chance to speak out.

Get both sides of the picture tonight, in television’s latest look at Humberside’s most pressing problem.

‘The Trawlermen’ – Tonight at 10.30 only on channel 10


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