Close and Trueman 

3 October 2023

4 October 1968


‘What do you think of Trueman, Brian?’

‘Fred – how do you rate Brian?’


Tonight you’ll wonder how one team ever managed to contain two explosive characters like Close and Trueman.

Yorkshire Television separated these two giants and got them to talk about each other. Then other members of the team were invited to comment on the tempers and techniques of both men.

The result is one of the most penetrating reports ever carried out on leading cricketers. Consider the unusual coincidences that have followed them through their lives: both played professional football. Both made their cricket debut in the same match – Cambridge, May 1949. While in their teens both were capped for Yorkshire and England. And both have highly explosive personalities.

There is another intriguing parallel. Both men are nearing the end of their careers. What will they do – and what will Yorkshire do without them?

See Close to Trueman – Channel 10 Tonight at 10.30


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