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28 August 2023

BSB logo

Cable TV advertisement feature from 17 March 1990

A revolution in British TV. That’s the simple promise from British Satellite Broadcasting, Britain’s newest television station which launches on Sunday March 25th.

BSB is set to bring five channels of brand new top-notch TV action to our screens. There’ll be first run movies, first class entertainment and first class sport all exclusive to BSB viewers. You will also receive the best in feature and docummentary television, Britain’s new state of the art music channel and comprehensive news coverage. It all adds up to a five star package of entertainment – and it’s all available on Cable TV.

Cable TV makes each of BSB’s five channels available without the need to buy a dish or any other expensive complicated equipment. Alongside BSB comes SKY TV, with its four channel service-Sky One, Sky Movies, Sky News and Eurosport. And there’s MTV, Discovery, The Children’s Channel and a whole lot more.



Brand new five channel entertainment from BSB

Just take a look at what’s on offer.


The Movie Channel

The Movie Channel

Scene from Rainman

Rainman – blue chip first run films on the Movie Channel

Brings the glamour and excitement of the Big Screen into your front room. Exclusive first-run hit films like Fatal Attraction, The Living Daylights and The Last Emperor will get their British TV premiere showing on BSB. That adds up to more than 20 top box office films every month new to British TV.


The Sports Channel

The Sports Channel

An F1 car

Brum Brum – Grand Prix – the world champions on The Sports Channel.

A real revolution for TV sports fans. Every night at 8.00pm, BSB will feature “The Main Event” – a live presentation of the big events from the sporting world at home and abroad. Already BSB has signed deals to screen live action from soccer’s FA and Scottish Cup. And there’ll be live coverage of the best golf, exclusive coverage of cricket’s Benson & Hedges Cup, international tennis and much, much more.


The Galaxy Channel

Galaxy – the Entertainment Channel

Mike Smith

Mike Smith – late night talk shows.

The tops in first class family entertainment for everyone, through the day and into the night. During the day, Galaxy will concentrate on children’s viewing, with top presenters like Floella Benjamin. The evening will bring a sparkling mix of new comedy, quality drama, game shows, chat shows and soaps. And Galaxy will feature – exclusively – some of the all time classic hits from the archives of the BBC including drama like Secret Army and Shoestring and comedy from the Goodies and Dad’s Army.

And look out for exciting new offerings from the makers of Hill Street Blues, The Young Ones and Ruby Wax. And it’s move over Alexis, JR and Ken Barlow, as we take off for Jupiter Moon, the first TV soap to be set in Space!


Now – The Channel for Living

NOW – the Channel tor Living

Selina Scott

Selina Scott hosts flagship news show ‘First Edition’.

Keeping us all up to date on the issues which touch all of our lives. NOW will spend the day exploring issues concerning everyone at home – health, fashion and consumer affairs, as well as hobbies and the family. In the evening the focus will change to the way we live now. NOW will feature mould breaking new reports on the fast changing world of the environment, science and the world today. At weekends, NOW will bring the curtain up on the best in the wide world of the Arts – in unique presentations of opera, ballet and theatre from around the world.

The Power Station

The Power Station

New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block – The Power Station, state-of-the-art music TV.

The next step forward in music television. The Power Station is Britain’s state-of-the art music channel. Screening all the latest chart-topping hits, hours of sensational music videos, live concerts and solo performances from the top pop names. Mix in gossip from fashion and music together with alternative comedy. The result: extra-ordinary TV with its finger on the pulse of Today’s Generation.


BSB News


The 1990s look set to be the most momentous decade of the century. Wherever it’s happening, the BSB news team will be there, bringing you right up to date with the world news. BSB will carry news across all of its channels in TV’s most comprehensive service. On the hour, haif hour and between movies, from the same team that brings IRN news to independent local radio, BSB will keep you in touch with all that matters.



Famous names boost BSB launch

Robin Day

Sir Robin Day in the hot seat for topical discussion.

SOME of the top names in British television signed up with BSB as the five channel network gets set to launch later this month.

Sir Robin Day, Selina Scott and Mike Smith are just three of the leading broadcasters who will present regular new programmes on BSB. Sir Robin will chair a regular discusssion on the topical issues of the day; Selina Scott will present First Edition, the flagship nightly news programme of BSB’s Now! channel; and Mike Smith will host two late night talk shows featuring a look at the news of the past seven days.

Alongside them will be a whole host of well known presenters with exciting new shows. David Bellamy will present a series of environmental documentaries. The distinguished broadcaster and writer James Bellini will lead ‘Go for Green’, British television’s first regular environmental programme. Finally, in sport, Gerry Williams (tennis), Tony Jacklin (golf) and Andy Gray (soccer) will lead the expert commentators and summarisers in the top team from the grandstand.



Now, with BSB it’s even better buy cable

THERE’S never been a better time to choose Cable TV. Just as the revolution in TV is beginning Cable TV offers you the best chance to choose all the television you want to watch.

That’s why we say that Cable TV is all you want it to be.

Cable TV gives you a much better deal.

There’s a wider, more flexible choice, without the fuss and wony of installing a satellite dish and equipment. And Cable TV comes at a cost you can afford.

There are plenty of good reasons why it’s ‘Better buy Cable’:

  • Cable TV offers a better choice. With just one monthly payment you get Sky TV’s four channels, BSB’s five channels and all the other exciting channels.
  • Cable TV is flexible. You choose the channels you want to watch from the wide variety on offer. With a satellite dish you can only get the channels which the dish will allow you to receive.
  • Cable TV is hassle-free. Installing Cable TV is as simple as putting in a phone. You only need one set of equipment to bring you a whole range of satellite viewing and more including Sky and BSB.
  • Cable TV is local. Your Cable TV is as local as can be – we’re in tune with what local people want and we’ve got all the local backup you need.


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