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Snatch of the day

Published 6 November 2023

ITV audaciously steals the football from the BBC and BSB

BSB – Britain’s new revolutionary television network

Published 28 August 2023

Cable TV invites you to get the new BSB

Satellite TV Stage Two ups the risk stakes

Published 24 August 2020

BSB launches this Sunday… let battle commence

Direct Broadcasting by Satellite

Published 29 May 2017

The IBA announces that BSB is on its way

Direct broadcasting by satellite

Published 16 January 2017

The BBC in 1986 details what went wrong with the planned BBC/IBA satellite service

New horizons

Published 1 January 2003

Carl Ellis on how satellite (nearly) always treats imports better

Channel Guide: BSB Galaxy

Published 1 January 2002

From Galaxy to Sky One

Out of time

Published 1 June 2001

ONdigital becomes ITV Digital. It’s doomed anyway.

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