His Job is – Good Pictures

18 March 2024

TV’s Jasmine Bligh talks to the man in charge of getting good pictures out of Lime Grove in 1954

Who invented television?

14 December 2023

An expert answers the question which many people ask as they watch their TV screen

You will see more on TV screen

7 December 2023

The size of your TV picture is changing, but there’s no reason to worry

Special Metropolitan Police Exhibit

23 November 2023

A new development on the streets of London: a blue box from which help can be obtained at any time

Helping with the “dishes”

26 October 2023

The superhuman effort of getting microwave dishes up towers for outside broadcasts

And now… The Flying Camera

28 September 2023

You’re about to see the world from a very unusual angle: straight down!

Your voice as others hear it

11 September 2023

There was a time when nobody had ever heard their own voice. This machine could change all that

The Eye of TV

31 August 2023

How a TV camera works

BSB – Britain’s new revolutionary television network

28 August 2023

Cable TV invites you to get the new BSB

Flying in the news with the IBA ‘bird’

31 July 2023

Instantaneous live OBs from anywhere in Europe? With the Orbital Test Satellite, it could be coming soon

The most switched on village in Britain

24 July 2023

A hi-tech TV experiment creates a village in Lancashire with an amazing choice of 30 TV channels

Distance No Object

15 May 2023

The trials of getting television pictures from far away outside broadcasts back to the studio

Continental Control Point

13 May 2023

A new control room for live continental broadcasting exchange opens in Broadcasting House

Progress in engineering

10 April 2023

Technological developments abound at the IBA: teletext, satellites, standards conversion and much more

The ITA Tower

27 March 2023

The new concrete Emley Moor mast is commissioned

TV Wizardry – In and Out of the Studios

6 February 2023

New technology sweeps ITV, with ENG, computer editing and ½-inch tape at the fore

Pictures from the Sky

21 December 2022

It sounds amazing, but one day soon we could all be watching television that arrives at our homes from a satellite

Those extra TV buttons could mean less choice

30 November 2022

Bill Cotton, recently promoted to head up the BBC’s future multichannels policy, on what he’s expecting by the year 2000

Electronic technology to serve the Grampian area

5 October 2022

A tiny company serves the largest area thanks to modern technology

I’m always being asked…

8 August 2022

The most common things that go wrong with your television set – and how to fix them

So you want to get a video recorder..?

1 August 2022

The head of BBC home video offers his advice to those about to get their first VCR

The original radiophone

20 June 2022

Before the BBC, there was the Electrophone

Thirty Productive Acres

15 April 2022

A trip to Kingswood Warren to see how the BBC Research Department is keeping ahead of technological developments

five, four, three, two, one

17 January 2022

Television: it’s all about timing and clocks

Correcting picture faults

1 November 2021

Make sure your television set is fully adjusted to improve your viewing

Lucifer throws light on TV electioneering

1 February 2021

Will television have an effect on voters at election time? Leeds University plan to find out, using an ‘electronic brain’ in 1959

TV cable across Atlantic?

18 November 2020

Will it ever be possible to exchange television across the Atlantic? Bell Laboratories have a plan to lay a cable in 1955

The Anglia-TV installations

9 September 2020

Anglia Television is about to come on air, meaning lots of technical developments

Consulting the Oracle

27 July 2020

Inside ITV’s teletext service ORACLE in 1985

Why ITV is pulling out all the plugs

24 June 2019

It’s almost S-night! With ITV about to convert from 405 to 625, the technology correspondent of the Sunday Times looks into what’s involved

Record, play, pause

28 January 2019

From doing the cinema live to doing the stage on video, television’s mise en scène keeps changing… whilst still staying the same

‘Early Bird’ spreads its wings

6 December 2018

The first geostationary satellite linking Europe and North America goes into service in 1965

Previewing Television

17 September 2018

A radio reviewer looks on incredulously at the coming of television to the United States in 1935

How to receive Continental television

10 September 2018

Practical Television in 1962 gives advice on how to receive European television in the UK: grab your soldering iron

WHY the sets and aerials need to be altered

20 August 2018

‘Professor’ A M Low explains to people who want the new ITV in 1955 just why they’ve got to change aerials and TV sets

In an ITA transmitting station

19 July 2018

A simplified guide to how the pictures get from the studio to the transmitter to your home from 1966

Fast forward into a new century as TV tunes into the digital age

11 June 2018

How Central’s new £15 million television centre in Birmingham uses state-of-the-art technology to put the ‘broad’ in broadcasting in 1996

Oracle – Broadcasting the Written Word

26 March 2018

The IBA introduces its experimental ‘Oracle’ service in the early 1970s

Films on television

8 March 2018

Showing filmed material on television is difficult, as these 1956 instructions prove


20 February 2018

Instructions for transmitter staff in the event of screens going blank

Changing the page

31 December 2017

The last few minutes of ORACLE teletext, 25 years ago

You, too, can have your own TV circuit

5 July 2017

Television cameras around the home, recording their every move? 1962 celebrities say yes please!

The IBA’s flying-squad

30 May 2017

The work of the mobile maintenance teams in 1974

Direct Broadcasting by Satellite

29 May 2017

The IBA announces that BSB is on its way

Television at Earls Court 1955

15 May 2017

Your guide to the latest television designs on display at Earls Court in 1955

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