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29 April 2023 tbs.pm/78461

Did you see…

Thursday 29 April 1976






Did Hilda really exist?


HILDA LESSWAYS, bold and wilful – could such a modern woman have existed in the Potteries of the late 19th century? Was she based on Arnold Bennett’s French wife Marguerite?

Best-selling novelist Margaret Drabble describes the similarities: “Both are handsome in an unconventional style, both passionate, both prepared to take risks, both independent, both alarmingly capricious… The details of domestic conflict between Hilda and Edwin are clearly drawn from personal experience.”

This is among the fascinating information in a TVTimes souvenir of the Clayhanger series. On sale now, price 40p.


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Christian Bews 30 April 2023 at 8:26 pm

The first time I saw ‘clayhanger’was the Italian RAIUNO channel on cable TV in 1990.they broadcast it in the mornings and all episodes ended with the ATV colour production endcap.I think RAI could be a secret partner to do a co-production of this epic series.

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