Did you see… 1974 

25 March 2023 tbs.pm/78447

Did you see…

Monday 25 March 1974




Three programmes


3.0 The was is over – but for Edwin Ashton, piecing together the story of his son is only beginning. What part can a night-club singer fill in? Catherine Schell, Kenneth Colley and Colin Douglas in A Family at War

4.50 Roman time-traveller Gaius contemplates The Tomorrow People. Stanley Lebor

5.20 Harry presents another Thirty Minutes Worth of his fanciful characters of mirth…


Two programmes


8.0 Some have greatness thrust upon them… Tommy Godfrey, Kate Williams, Jack Smethurst

10.30 Madam Bonancieux (Raquel Welch) seeks comfort from her lodger, D’Artagnan (Michael York) after her husband has been arrested by men in league with Cardinal Richelieu (Charlton heston) in the Royal Film.


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