Did you see… 1978 

4 March 2023 tbs.pm/78440

Did you see…

Saturday 4 March 1978




Sale of the Century


Sale of the Century

Nicholas Parsons

Tina Robinson, Caroline Villiers, John Benson


The jackpot prize of a family car adds to the excitement of the contest, and Tina and Caroline display other prizes on offer with their usual sparkle.

The winning contestant must reach £140 by answering a battery of !1, £3 and £5 questions, fired by Nicholas Parsons, to qualify for the choice of going through the curtains for the normal Sale of the Century, or having a crack at the jackpot.

If the winner chooses the latter, he or she must then answer correctly four out of five general knowledge questions to win the car.

John Benson provides the commentary and Peter Fenn plays the music.

designer peter farman; director/producer bill perry

Anglia Television Production


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