Broadcasting in Finland 

20 February 2023


World-Radio cover

From World-Radio for 30 August 1935

  1. Broadcasting House in Helsinki: the inscription is in Finnish and Swedish.
  2. At the foot of the new Lahti transmitter’s aerial masts.
  3. The Helsinki transmitter at Pasila.
  4. The view from the Helsinki Talks studio.
  5. Professor Viljo Ylöstalo, Deputy Director-General of the Finnish broadcasting service.
  6. Mr. Marcus Rautio, chief announcer.
  7. A young Finnish artist.
  8. In the main studio at Helsinki.
  9. A performance in Helsinki’s Dramatic studio.
  10. A landscape view, from the Lahti station.


Photomontage as described in the list above.

Exclusive photographs specially taken for “World-Radio” by A. A. Gulliland


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