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Cover of Television & Radio 1986

From Television and Radio 1986, published by the Independent Broadcasting Authority

The weekday afternoon pattern of children’s programming is presented and transmitted to the network under the banner heading of Children’s ITV.

A celebrity presenter ‘hosts’ the schedule of programmes for a calendar month. During 1985, those presenters have included Martin Daniels, Roland Rat, Supergran, Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz, disc jockey Timmy Mallett, and Travelling Matt from Fraggle Rock.

The presenters normally link in and out of the programmes from the specially created Children’s ITV ‘station’. For the transmission month of June, however, Timmy Mallett presented Children’s ITV from a farm, and at the end of the month, he invited viewers to write in for a free ‘Farm Facts’ pack of information and addresses of educational farming and conservation activities available for children in various parts of the country.

A number of competitions are run during the year such as the water safety competition presented by Supergran; others are linked with the Children’s ITV page on ORACLE.

The network presentation of Children’s ITV by celebrities has proved most successful in entertainingly informing the audience as to what is happening on children’s television day by day. Presentation and promotion is co-ordinated for the ITV network by Central TV in Birmingham.


A muppet and Timmy Mallett

Timmy Mallett and Travelling Matt discussing the schedule.


A muppet looks into a camera with a Children's ITV sticker on the side

Travelling Matt rehearsing a programme introduction.


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