Where is Central Television? 

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Stapleford and Sandiacre News masthead

From the Stapleford and Sandiacre News for 28 January 1982

THIS week saw the official launching at County Hall, West Bridgford [seat of Nottinghamshire County Council – Ed.], of Central Television.

Everyone who is anyone was due to be there but where, East Midlands viewers might well ask, is Central Television?



There is a new channel with a new and thoroughly uninspiring symbol, which, as far as we are concerned, is ATV revamped – and not very well at that!

We realise the introduction of East Midlands programmes has been held up because of a drawn-out and much publicised industrial dispute involving the electricians who will, we hope, eventually be working from Nottingham.

But it is now almost a month since Central took to the air and we are still waiting for our local programmes.

A brief glimpse of Nottingham’s Old Market Square in an episode of Muck and Brass – and whoever dreamt up that title wants dropping in the former – is not going to fool us into thinking the days of the Birmingham bias are over.

The East Midlands is big enough and newsworthy enough to warrant a fair crack of the whip and it is time it had it.



One thing is certain. When Central does sort out its difficulties East Midlands-wise, the regional programmes it comes up with had better be good.

They had better live up to the grandiose promise included in the company’s successful bid for the franchise.

Otherwise already disenchanted local viewers will exercise their right to either turn over or switch off!


The following section is commentary from Transdiffusion's expert writers

Russ J Graham writes: Sir, calm yourself. This hysteria, 28 days into a new franchise is unwarranted, especially during an industrial dispute that you’re fully aware of.

You can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, and local newspapers never ever. And not just because commercial television is a painful rival for advertising spend; it’s probably fair to say that there’s not much news to be found, even for a weekly paper, in the busy metropolis of Broxtowe, and something has got to fill those empty pages. Outrage about a 28-day-old company not providing a smorgasbord of Nottinghamshire-based comedy, music and drama is the ideal thing to pack into a bare column.

The dispute with the Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing Union (EETPU, now part of Unite the Union) was thought settled a few days after this editorial was printed and the temporary studios at Giltbrook were announced for opening in early February – an opening that didn’t take place as the dispute flared again. It would be the end of 1983 before the permanent Lenton Lane studio complex was running at full steam – these things take time and money, something that the leader writer of the News doesn’t grasp (or does grasp, but willfully ignores).

And as for the new Central ident being thoroughly uninspiring? Sir, calm yourself.

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mrs carole powell 11 August 2023 at 1:21 pm

is it possible to obtain a dvd copy of its a bullseye season 4 episode 4 approx 1977. my dad starred in this and i would love to have a copy that my children and grandchildren could see. i will pay for the copy is this is possible.

Russ J Graham 11 August 2023 at 1:26 pm

Please see “Looking for old programmes?

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