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18 February 2017 tbs.pm/11079

The demolition of the former studios of Tyne Tees Television at City Road in Newcastle is almost complete, having begun in 2010.

All that was left of note was the large and mainly decorative microwave tower on the corner of City Road and Gibson Street.

But no more. The Evening Chronicle today reports that the destruction of the tower (not by any real means a ‘transmitter’, but nevertheless) began at 10am this morning and was complete by 5pm.

ITV’s presence in the whole of the north east of England and the Scottish borders is now a tiny news studio and small administration office in The Watermark in Gateshead.

ITV plc’s franchise was renewed quietly earlier this year, and ITV plc plans to wind up the original Tyne Tees Television Limited, established in 1959, which has been registered as ‘dormant’ for several years. This will, of course, free up others to attempt to register the name with Companies House in the very wrong assumption that it gives them any rights over the name, trademarks or programming of the lost original company.

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Joanne Gray 25 February 2017 at 2:28 pm

Rest in peace, my childhood companion. I had been with you through thick and thin, through happy and sad times – even the shameful C3NE period – until you were totally stripped of your unique identity and became just another faceless corporate clone. Thank you for the good times, Tyne Tees – I miss you xx

Chad 26 December 2017 at 4:52 pm

Once again proving that Tyne Tees is ITV’s bitch.

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