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28 July 2016 tbs.pm/9152

The BBC’s chief female announcer in the 1940s and 1950s, Sylvia Peters, has died at the age of 90.

Sylvia had the most English voice that can be imagined, but was actually Anglo-Italian. Born Sylvia Lucia Petronzio, her mother was British and her father Italian. Her polished, even tones were heard on the BBC Television Service from 1947 to 1958, when she moved to Associated-Rediffusion to present their advertising magazine Jim’s Inn. In 1953 she had been the chief announcer linking material for the coronation of Elizabeth II, at that time the most complicated outside broadcast ever undertaken.

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Sarah Boucher 31 July 2016 at 7:27 pm

she appeared as The Wire in a Dr. Who Episode The Idiot’s Lantern.

Russ J Graham 31 July 2016 at 7:49 pm

She most certainly did not. That was Maureen Lipman.

garry robin simpson 20 September 2016 at 3:26 pm

The word Legend is often over used. But I hope you will forgive me and much more importantly the friends and family of Sylvia Peters 1925-2016. That Legend is a suitable word for her.If there is a heaven I hope she is there. I hope you don”t mind typing me that. Thank You.

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